Strange time for Indy to show Alton the door

Alton and Kelner are long-standing friends. Kelner brought him over to help sustain the Indy in a tight corner that grew even tougher (and Kelner has, when all is said and done, saved the paper again). But friendships are difficult things in top newspaper life. And so, alas, is the money to back editorial development […]

Los Angeles County reopens in-person shopping, worship

Across the state, hospitalizations for the virus were down nearly 7% over the past two weeks and the number of patients in intensive care was stable, Newsom said. About 100,000 have tested positive for the virus in California and more than 3,800 have died.

Slack is finally resetting passwords 4 years after a big data breach

The company said it has no reason to believe accounts were compromised, but in the words of my eighth-grade geometry teacher, they didn’t show their work. This is a good reminder, though: Change your passwords frequently. Here’s a list of what not to choose.

Ten years on, the case for invading Iraq is still valid

Shut up and stop pretending to be our friends. What an epitaph that makes for the 21st-century’s first generation of “progressives”. From the start, I wrote that their parochialism would lead them into double-dealing, but Ian McEwan put it better than I ever could. In his Saturday, set on the day of the great anti-war […]

A 17-year-old’s business made millions on Amazon. Now it’s pivoting to masks

After receiving state approval for the essential task of mask-making, Darcy brought back workers to Buttonsmith’s facility, which she had already set up for distancing, and had PPP money approved. “The program fits us very well, but like everyone, we would like more clarity,” she says. She’s still waiting on the EIDL funds, as are […]

Amitabh Bachchan says Amar Akbar Anthony did Baahubali 2 business as film completes 43 years, shares throwback pics

Sharing the picture on Instagram, Amitabh wrote, “SHWETA and Abhishek visit me on set of Amar Akbar Anthony .. shooting song ‘My name is Anthony Gonsalves’ .. at Holiday Inn Ball Room .. this pic on the beach front .. 43 YEARS of AAA , today .. !!!”

Interview: Sainz ready for big time after school of hard knocks

“Definitely,” he added. “You cannot imagine that the amount of improvement I have made in that area since Australia 2015. Then it was easy to arrive and as a rookie put the excuse, ‘I just don’t have enough top speed to overtake, it is impossible, when I open the DRS I can only match their […]

‘I should be on a beach’

Describing himself as “not a great vision person … I just try to do stuff”, he has got involved with all aspects of his operations, even the commercial side. On the day we meet he is enthusiastic about an unusual middle-of-the book ad at the top of a double-page spread which he says he’s never […]

The email to Independent staff about Roger Alton’s departure

He said today: “I think it’s right, following the sale of the paper to Alexander and Evgeny Lebedev, that the new owners should be free to appoint an editor of their own choosing. The two-year period in which I have been editor of The Independent has been easily the most exhilarating and exciting time of […]

Roger Alton to step down as Independent editor

“His achievement in producing such a terrific newspaper, and in keeping the staff motivated and happy, while being buffeted by the harshest of economic winds is nothing short of remarkable. That the Independent lives to fight another day is due in no small part to Roger’s determination to keep the wheels turning. Every member of […]