How to watch the Star Wars movies in order … the perfect order, that is

The New Order Narratively and tonally, it makes sense to add Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Episode VIII- The Last Jedi, and Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker after Return of the Jedi. Not only does Return of the Jedi merge Luke and Anakin’s stories, but it also features the darkest portrayal of Luke […]

Julian Assange recruited teenager, 17, to hack his own former WikiLeaks associate and delete online chats, court hears, as judge refuses to delay his US extradition hearing any further despite last-ditch legal bid

It was impossible to see Amber’s expression, or if she even glanced in her former husband’s direction, or if those glances were filled with regret or antipathy or something else. (Above, the 34-year-old actress and her ‘Team Heard’ arriving at the High Court; far right, her lawyer Jennifer Robinson)

People-centered governance key to China’s saving lives

China has been taking an active part in the initiative. As Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said, Chinese authorities and vaccine producers held a videoconference with the WHO and other stakeholders on Sept 3 to discuss the particulars of China’s involvement. But one country, which for seven decades was the go-to leader in times of […]

13 PC games we’re looking forward to in 2021

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2Ever since playing Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines I’ve been thirsting for more. I can’t wait to return to the dark back-alleys and eerie gothic night clubs of White Wolf’s Vampire universe, and this sequel looks to be even more alluring than the cult-classic. The rebooted RPG was originally scheduled to launch […]

Home births, missed vaccinations, lack of critical care: India’s health ‘time bomb’ keeps ticking, and it’s not Covid-19

India’s health infrastructure is run down at the best of times, with understaffed public hospitals, chronic shortages of hospital beds, low intensive-care capacity and poorly trained staff. India has 1.7 nurses per 1,000 people, 43% less than the World Health Organization recommends, and a dearth of doctors as well. The pandemic has also exposed the […]