England changes how it tallies virus deaths

Keith Neal, an emeritus professor of the epidemiology of infectious diseases at the University of Nottingham, told the BBC: “The 28 days is widely used in many countries and England is now the same as the rest of the UK. The previous measure of always being a COVID death, even if recovered, was unscientific. As […]

Your Cyberpunk 2077 lifepath choice will affect how you see the world just as much as how it sees you

By deciding one lifepath over another, and how the game treats you as a result,  you will imperceptibly change how you approach situations, judge characters, perceive dialogue, and thus experience the game. If you’re still not convinced there’s even been a study that discovered that simply reading a book can cause changes in people’s behaviour […]

Chinese envoy asks U.S. to change course over Iran nuclear issue

China urges the United States to abandon unilateralism and stop unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction. The United States should adopt a reasonable and realistic attitude, and return to the right track of observing the Iran nuclear deal and Security Council Resolution 2231, which endorsed the 2015 deal between Iran and the six powers of Britain, […]

Uganda’s Cheptegei refreshes 5,000m world record at return of Diamond League

“It took a lot of mind setting to keep being motivated this year because so many people are staying at home but you have to stay motivated. I pushed myself, I had the right staff with me, the right coach,” he said. “I’m also usually based in Europe, but being based in Uganda with my […]

California Lawmakers Demand Change To EDD Practice Of Putting Social Security Numbers On Documents

Assembly member Baker met with the director of EDD shortly after her interview with KPIX. She says she expects a formal response from the director soon. She says she’s also working to close any loopholes in existing state law that would give any state agency the impression they have a right to put millions of […]

Elliott Abrams Failed Trump’s Mission to Overthrow Venezuela—Now He Will Take On Iran

Elliott Abrams, a Washington veteran who rose to prominence in the 1980s with his staunch interventionist, anti-communist stances in Latin America and until now served as Trump’s special representative to Venezuela will replace Brian Hook, who was appointed in the wake of the U.S. exit from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, the State Department […]

Iran’s Zarif Says Bolton Book Shows U.S. Plot to Collapse Regime

“The Islamic Republic is a rising power and this has led the U.S. to wage all-out war against Iran,” Zarif said, identifying what he said are key elements of a U.S. plot to bring down the regime. “If you read John Bolton’s book, you will understand all these aims that are hidden in all U.S. […]

Biden Foreign Policy Plan Says Trump Has Left U.S. Image ‘In Tatters’

Though Biden backs extending nuclear arms control measures with Russia, he also said his administration would “join our European partners in standing up to a revanchist Russia,” vowing to block Russian meddling abroad and reinforce U.S. backing for NATO and Ukraine. Biden accused Trump of seeing Putin’s Russia as “a strategic partner—not a strategic rival.”

On Korean War 70th Anniversary, What Does the North’s Kim Jong Un Want?

Still, Kazianis noted “there is no telling what Kim might do,” though suggested Kim may hold off any further provocations if he does think a deal can be done. “That does not seem like a risk worth taking. And looking at how Kim is dialing back tensions once again, he could be setting the stage […]

North Korea Suspends ‘Military Action Plans’ Against South Korea Amid Spat

While top party officials such as Central Committee First Vice Department Director Kim Yo Jong—who is Kim Jong Un’s sister—have increasingly hit out at Seoul over its perceived failure to stop North Korean defectors from spreading pamphlets condemning the ruling Kim family, Wednesday’s meeting “took stock of the prevailing situation and suspended the military action […]