Paris terror attack’s most wanted is finally arrested – but critics ask how he stayed free for so long

The Abdeslam family said that they were “relieved” Salah had been captured, in a statement issued by their lawyer, who is also acting for Aberkan. That sentiment was echoed by the imam of a mosque just around the corner from Salah’s safe house, who insisted that he had no idea that the fugitive was on […]

Coronavirus app Aarogya Setu becomes the the top free app within 3 days

The Aarogya Setu app launched by the government of India has crossed 80 lakh downloads within three days. It has crossed the Zoom video meeting app to be the most popular free app for both Android phones and iPhones. The Aarogya Setu app enables people to self-assess the risk of getting coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The […]

Ryan Reynolds Reveals New Free Guy Clip After the Movie’s Delay

“On a very literal level, Free Guy is about Guy, who’s a bank teller. He works in a bank, and his bank gets robbed 17 times in a day, and eventually he realizes that’s weird and not normal,” Levy said, via the Hollywood Reporter. “Ryan and I have talked about Free Guy as a superhero […]

WrestleMania 36 live stream: watch the WWE pay-per-view online for free tonight

Live sports may be on an extended vacation due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the unmissable spectacle that is WWE WrestleMania is going ahead this weekend – and the start of the action is now just moments away. There are a few differences compared to previous years, as you’d expect, but we’re here to fill […]

How profit-driven inbreeding could bring the world dairy herd to its knees

Breeders are aware of these potential problems, but they try to compensate for it in different ways, rather than changing their overall strategy. “They try to negate any health problems that emerge by giving specific vitamins and drugs to the animals,” Joost says. “And if it’s too expensive to cure them from a particular disease, […]

Back from the brink: the global effort to save coral from climate change

The bleak scene is completed by stands of lifeless pillar coral, ravaged by a bacterial disease that swept through the Keys last summer. A nearby brain coral is split by jagged white lines, further evidence of disease. The origins of many coral diseases are vague but at least one major outbreak has been linked to […]

Andrew Lloyd-Webber launches a YouTube channel to stream hit musicals including Jesus Christ Superstar for FREE so fans can enjoy a West End experience in lockdown

The first musical to air will be the 2000 version of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, inspired by the West End production and starring Donny Osmond, Maria Friedman, Sir Richard Attenborough and Dame Joan Collins. 

The approaching crisis: Is the world running out of water?

“A market now boasting an annual turnover of between $1 billion and $3 billion is allowing water to move to its most economically productive uses,” the Department of Agriculture website says. “Trading generates economic benefits valued in hundreds of millions of dollars annually.”

RCEP next steps: on India’s free trade agreement

Leaders of the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations have resoundingly committed to conclude negotiations for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership free trade agreement by the end of 2019. Some like the Malaysian Prime Minister went a step further, suggesting that countries not ready to join the RCEP, notably India but also Australia and […]

Coronavirus pandemic | Life, COVID-free, after 22 days in the hospital

Mark Frilot was East Jefferson General Hospital’s first positive case of the coronavirus. Louisiana has rapidly become an epicenter of the virus, with the Louisiana Department of Health reporting 10,297 confirmed cases Friday; Jefferson Parish, where the Frilots live, accounts for 2,495 of those cases. State officials have blamed the federal government for not directing […]