Romeoville…Where Community Matters – Volunteer Opportunities

In addition, if you are medically trained, you can help answer Governor Pritzer’s call for support and register at or find other volunteer opportunities at or email [email protected] We are thrilled the community spirit is alive and well in Romeoville and hope that these groups will soon benefit from an influx of assistance.

Johns Creek Hosting Community Art Contest To ‘Share Joy’

Choose something that makes you joyful, and create a piece of visual art to capture it Digitize your file by taking a (horizontal) picture or scanning it Submit your work through our website at A variety of submissions will be featured on the city’s social media and website. A handful of finalists will be […]

Community Outreach Ministry Recognized For Mentoring Services

“Students who finished their robots first were promoted to junior mentors,” organizers said. “Students collaborated with their peers and protégés to fully assemble each robot. The workshops serve to develop valuable, hands-on STEM skills, teamwork and good sportsmanship.”

Wayland Community Online Vigil

Religious leaders and communities involved in the vigil include: Dr. Faisal Kahn, Islamic Center of Boston, Wayland; Rabbi Danny Burkeman and Cantor Hollis Schachner, Temple Shir Tikva; Rabbi Louis Polisson, Congregation Or Atid; Pastor Rebecca Cho, Community United Methodist; Rabbi Katy Allen, Ma’yan Tikvah; Pastor Jeff Johnson, Peace Lutheran Church; Father David O’Leary, Good Shepherd […]

Mayor Mcgirr’s Message To The Community Regarding Coronavirus

One week ago, the City Manager proclaimed a state of local emergency, which provides more flexibility in how we can respond to this changing crisis. Today’s meeting was the opportunity for us as your City Council to ratify that Proclamation. This Proclamation helps our Emergency Services personnel secure vital supplies, funding, and assistance. The City […]

Community Donates Food, Supplies To Medford First Responders

Across America  |  News  |  22h Across America  |  News  |  22h Latest Coronavirus Myths: Malaria Drug, Face Masks, Mail Safety Is hydroxychloroquine, long used to treat malaria and lupus, a “silver bullet” for the new coronavirus? Should Americans wear masks?

Coronavirus pandemic | Community transmission has started in some areas: AIIMS Delhi director

To allay the dangers of it, tracing those who attended the event or come in contact with the attendees would be of utmost importance, Guleria said. He added all such persons need to be quarantined for 14 days immediately so that they do not infect anyone else.

Community Passes The Office on Netflix TV Top 10

It didn’t take long for Community to fans to prove just how popular the cult sitcom continues to be, even years after it went off the air. The NBC (and later Yahoo!) series made its Netflix debut on April 1st and quickly became one of the most popular comedies on the entire streaming service. Now, […]

Why is China able to practice closed-off community management?

First, communities generally occupy independent geographical space, which creates preconditions for closed-off management. Urban communities in China usually distinguish themselves from the outside with walls and fences. Village communities are naturally physically independent.

Wuhan communities to keep helping vulnerable

Control and prevention work in the community faces more pressure as some cadres and employees of enterprises return to their own positions amid gradual work resumption. More Party members, department leaders and volunteers will be mobilized to help people in need, Wang said.