Trade Fair: Lagos speaker urges FG to intensify efforts to reduce importation

Mrs Olayinka Oladunjoye, Lagos State Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives, said that the annual participation of the state at the fair, afforded it opportunity to host hundreds of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) freely at its pavilion.

Lagos, NIWA begin talks to end age-long conflict on waterways regulation

“I give the go ahead to all my management team and key officers to sit down with the management team of NIWA. Whatever grey areas should be resolved. I think in the areas that we have talked about, issues relating to right of way, revenue and so on, we can resolve and I can observe […]

Buhari to monarchs: Ask your subjects to reject money politics in 2019

The impact of western education on the leadership of the Benin ancient kingdom has ever been felt since my grandfather Oba Akenzua II, the first educated monarch in Benin history came to the throne from whom the baton of western enlightenment was passed to my father Oba Erediauwa, we call him the educated philosopher king […]

How to download and set up Zoom app for your meetings

Zoom is one app that has become really popular in the last couple of weeks. It is available across all the platforms including Windows, iOS and Android. Here we tell you how to download and things you need to know what all is needed to get the best out of Zoom. Zoom has a dedicated […]

Your smart home’s fragile existence relies on a factor you can’t control… the internet

Until your internet connection fails, you don’t realize just how crucial it is. If you think about it, it’s obvious, but the point of a smart home is you don’t have to think about it: it’s there, in the background, quietly taking care of things and letting you get on with your life. 

Nokia reboots the 5310, but this isn’t the ‘Original’ we were hoping for

At €39 (around $40, £35, AU$70) the Nokia 5310 is certainly inexpensive, and is aimed mainly at developing markets when it goes on sale in March. Although HMD is hoping that this ‘classic’ device will also appeal to those with found memories of the Nokia brand and its former devices – however, with this latter […]

‘Salary Challenge’ for Kerala government employees gets cabinet nod

Later, the Supreme Court upheld the HC verdict. “There is no need for those who refuse to give money to humiliate themselves by giving in a certificate. Plus they have no guarantee that the collected money would be used for relief efforts. It’s for the state government to instil in them such a belief,” the […]

How Apple employees are working from home for future iPhones, MacBooks and more

The majority of Apple’s hardware products are engineered at Apple Park or surrounding buildings in Cupertino and Sunnyvale, California. For some work that requires hands-on development, some hardware engineers in Silicon Valley are allowed into the office, the people said. Apple also has hardware engineers in San Diego, California, and global coronavirus hotspots like Italy, Germany and […]

SoFlo Man’s Missing Prosthetic Arm Found By Police

Ruden, a motivational speaker, told Patch that at least two officers came in on their day off to help with the search. He removed the $150,000 arm because it poses a safety hazard when he drives. The arm responds to muscle movements but can get caught on the steering wheel.

Senior Advisor To Anti-Trump Super PAC The Lincoln Project Calls Trump ‘Retarded’

Republican North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer came under fire last week after he responded “she’s retarded” to a clip of Speaker Nancy Pelosi posted on Twitter by the Daily Caller. He quickly apologized and attributed it to a typo, saying he meant to write “she’s ridiculous.”