Tom Hardy, 42, reveals incredible transformation in behind-scenes make-up job for upcoming biopic Capone

Digital release: The film will be released digitally by Vertical Entertainment on May 12, though there is no word if it will be seeking a theatrical release once movie theaters re-open

Anita Busch Remembers Tom Pollock: Smartest Guy In The Movie Business

“He had everything to do with me climbing that corporate ladder and breaking that glass ceiling,” said Rocco, who started only a few months before the turmoil hit the studio with a change of ownership with Seagram’s Bronfman family. “He not only mentored me, but became a friend and confidante. Everything about my executive experience […]

Baz Luhrmann Talks Pandemic, Elvis, Tom Hanks & Reapplying ‘Sunscreen’ With Queen Elizabeth

What’s not going to happen is two months go by and you flip a switch and go back to shooting like we did before. One thing I did say to Dr. Wattiaux is, we as filmmakers create the illusion of crowd activity. We are used to going on location in the middle of nowhere and […]

TOM UTLEY: It’s a mystery why any self-respecting woman wants to join a club of red-cheeked old bores like me

No, what bothers me is why anyone should think it’s the business of the law to dictate the admissions policy of a private members’ club. If the Garrick’s members don’t want women to join — not enough of its members, anyway, to meet the club’s condition of a two-thirds majority for a change in the […]

Heidi Klum, 47, poses naked behind a sheer curtain in a photo taken by her husband Tom Kaulitz as she pushes Instagram’s nudity rules

The new agreement he has reached with Klum states that should the coronavirus crisis escalate to the point where the US decides to shut down its borders, Klum must ‘immediately make arrangements in an effort to return home with the children before the borders close.’ 

From Helen Mirren to Jane Seymour, the age-defying secrets of the sexiest women over 60

Now approaching his 70s, Liam said: “I have no desire to go into the gym for three hours every day to pump myself to squeeze into a Velcro suit with a cape.”

Ricky Valance dies aged 84: Star who sang ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’ passes away in hospital after long battle with dementia

‘This guy I knew had taken my top, so I confronted him about it while we were in some cafe,’ said Valance. ‘I was perfectly nice about it and didn’t even raise my voice, but he pushed me over a table and started swinging at me.

Ben Barnes reveals playing the young lover of a 60-year-old woman in Gold Digger made him ‘less judgemental’ of age gap romances

Of how the drama shaped his own perception on the topic and how a part of the character always stays with him, he said it made him want ‘to be that little bit less judgmental and a bit more open-minded and open-hearted about everything.’ 

UK war veteran Sir Tom Moore was caught speeding aged 98

When asked earlier in the year why he was raising money for medical staff he told The Guardian: “Our brave nurses and doctors are frontline in this case … this time our army are in doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms and they’re doing a marvellous job.”

Now coronavirus rise spreads to the middle-aged: England is on the brink of losing control of Covid outbreak, warns SAGE adviser – as infections in the over-50s soar by 92 PER CENT

‘This decision has been made in collaboration with local leaders who are considering additional local measures to tackle the increase in the number of cases. So to emphasise, this is about mixing between households, it is not about prevention of schools, workplaces, transport, any of the other options – it is about household mixing.’