‘War on cancer’ metaphors may do harm, research shows

Karen Roberts, the chief nursing officer at Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ person with cancer, so people have different preferences when it comes to discussing it. Talking about ‘battling’ cancer helps some people remain upbeat, but others find the effort of keeping up a brave face exhausting and are […]

Two from Manchar booked for sending hate messages against minority community

According to the complainant, the message called for social boycotting of people from the community, members of which attended the Jamaat. As soon as these missives went online, villagers called the cops. “We are constantly keeping track of social media to curb rumour-mongering. Locals have been taken into confidence; to alert us in case circumstances […]

Tasked with schoolwork help, many US parents lack English

The school closures threaten to worsen the phenomenon known as “summer slide,” in which students lose academic ground while away from school. Research shows language acquisition also can slip if English language learners spend the summer speaking a language other than English at home, said Joshua Lawrence, an educational researcher who studied the trajectories while […]

In focus: Mumbai-based Haptik which developed India’s official WhatsApp chatbot for Covid-19

The chatbot has been developed by a Mumbai-based startup called ‘Haptik’. Founded in 2013, the company is known for its enterprise conversational AI platform. In April last year, Reliance Jio had acquired a majority stake in the firm for about Rs 700 crore.

Now lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein victims says British witness will tell FBI she ‘vividly remembers’ seeing Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts at Tramp nightclub – after royal denied dancing with ‘sex slave’ on night of THAT photo

‘She then performs a prolonged eye cut-off, closing her eyes as she says he is ‘the most hideous dancer’. Cut-offs can be used to conceal the eye expression but that would tend to be more common when someone is answering a direct, ‘killer’ question, whereas here Virginia is creating her own narrative. 

Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ at 50: How an Old Circus Poster Led to ‘… Mr. Kite!’

Guests arriving at chez Lennon were greeted in the entrance hall by a suit of armor christened “Sidney,” a World War I recruitment poster proclaiming “Your Country Needs YOU” and, occasionally, a lifelike gorilla costume. Elsewhere were vintage enamel advertising signs, an ornate Victorian wheelchair and an altar-sized Roman Catholic crucifix with an enormous Bible […]

The best free educational apps for kids

This app actually has a ton of movies for everyone, but the kids’ section lets you stream an unlimited amount. (The general app may limit you, based on your library’s subscription.) It has both movies and TV shows, including many PBS shows. If you’re not sure what you want to watch, you’ll find things arranged […]

Valve warning: Steam “Early Access” games may never be finished

As VentureBeat first noticed, Valve has quietly updated the language in its Early Access FAQ to note that games in the program may never see a “final” release. “You should be aware that some teams will be unable to ‘finish’ their game. So you should only buy an Early Access game if you are excited […]

Louis CK has nothing to lose in his new comedy special, but you do

The comedian has learned, as he states in frank language, “If you ever ask somebody ‘Can I jerk off in front of you?’ . . . and they say ‘Yes,’ just ask ‘Are you sure?’” He even goes further in a positive direction, stating that “women know how to seem like they’re okay when they’re […]

Israeli Spy Drama ‘Tehran’ Eyes U.S. Deal as Virus Crisis Triggers TV Pipeline Shortage

“There’s a thing you never lose. There’s a love that stays with you, and you want that country to do well and you want peace and harmony. The beauty of the script is it touches on Israel and Iran and it shows people are just people,” he says. For Tehran director Danny Syrkin, even as […]