Apple Music Quietly Starts $50 Million COVID-19 Advance Fund for Indie Labels

Apple’s initiative is just the latest industry power player move to bolster the struggling business. The Recording Academy started a $2 million COVID-19 Relief Fund with its non-profit arm MusiCares, and it’s gotten several million dollars more in donations from high-profile music companies including Spotify, StubHub, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. Promotion giant […]

Thomas Rhett Shaved His Beard and Feels ’10 Years Younger’

He’s also stayed busy during quarantine by writing music via video chat with other writers and even released a new song, “Be a Light,” last week. The track features Reba McEntire, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott and Christian singer Chris Tomlin and Rhett shared that he and his co-writers penned it last year.

John Prine: this extraordinarily gifted songwriter was the envy of all

Almost uniquely among the glut of early 70s singer-songwriters, Prine – who has died aged 73 – seemed untouched by the countercultural events of the preceding years: he seemed to tap into an earlier musical tradition, “an authentic, rather catchy extension of Nashville and Appalachia”, as critic Robert Christgau noted of Prine’s eponymous 1971 debut […]

John Prine’s Death From Coronavirus Mourned by Country Fans

“I am so sad about John Prine,” one user wrote. “He’d survived so much. His work taught me a great deal about compassionate, thoughtful writing — writing that understood a love rooted in the critical and curious was the love worth pursuing. I’m thankful we got him for as long as we did. Still sad.”

Country folk singer John Prine dies at 73 of coronavirus complications

They included “Angel from Montgomery,” about a woman wishing for deliverance from her unfulfilling life, “Paradise,” about a Kentucky town devastated by strip mining, and “Sam Stone,” chronicling the downward spiral of a drug-addicted Vietnam War veteran and containing the oft-quoted refrain: “There’s a hole in daddy’s arm where all the money goes, Jesus Christ […]

10 of the best travel documentary films

Encounters at the End of the World German feature film director Werner Herzog has also made many a strong travel-doc and this one, from 2007, is among his finest. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the word “encounters” summons thoughts of aliens: the Antarctica footage has an otherworldly quality, as his cinematographer, Peter Zeitlinger, captures remarkable […]

John Prine obituary

In 1975 he startled his folk-scene followers by recording the album Common Sense with the producer Steve Cropper, house guitarist for the Stax label, and making use of electric guitars, saxophones, trumpets and backing vocals. The more stark and thoughtful Bruised Orange (1978) was better received, and included the inventive Sabu Visits the Twin Cities […]

He’s Back! George Strait Announces New Music and a Headlining Gig in Las Vegas

The Vegas gig gives him the best of both worlds. “I said all along I wasn’t going to tour anymore, but I also said I wasn’t retiring,” said Strait. “I didn’t want to do another structured tour. I can come in here and do a couple of dates then go home for a month and […]

That Time John Prine Joined the Supergroup the Buzzin’ Cousins

But it’s the Buzzin’ Cousins entry, written by Mellencamp, that stands as the centerpiece of the Falling From Grace soundtrack. “Sweet Suzanne” is an intoxicating shot of heartland jangle-rock, with all five of the artists — each in their idiosyncratic vocal style — trading lines. Released as a single to country radio, the song ended […]

The 10 most innovative data science companies of 2020

Strava is a fitness social network that allows runners, cyclists, and other athletes to upload and share workout statistics and routes with each other. But it also has the world’s largest anonymous, aggregated, and active transportation data set, which it’s using to make cities more pleasant places to run and cycle. At the end of […]