10 Bollywood actors who are fit in their 50s

05/11Suniel Shetty He’s rightly called the Arnold Schwarzenegger of India. His acting skills have been compared to a piece of wood. But there’s no denying that when you say 90s Bollywood, you can’t picture it without Suniel Shetty. Even today, Sunil Shetty is as fit as other young Bollywood actors. He still looks so dapper […]

Meet the educator elevating Vietnam’s schools to next level

“The only forms of studying that interested me were learning via newspapers, virtual lessons, and field experiences. Such things deeply inspired me and helped me become aware of the importance of life-long learning and essential skills in the new era,” Duc said.

How to drive the economy by reforming state-owned debt

Also in this period, the state divested VND25.17 trillion (nearly $1.1 billion) and collected VND171.84 trillion ($7.47 billion), which was 6.8 times higher than the book value. Total money collected from equitisation and divestment since 2016 reached more than 218 trillion ($9.47 billion), which is 2.79 times higher than the total revenue from equitisation and […]

Parley | Is banning cryptocurrencies the solution?

When it comes to a central bank-issued digital currency, there is a loose consensus, especially among monetary economists from the New Monetary School, that there is no case for governments issuing cryptocurrencies because it would create a lot of problems in the form of contradictions in existing regulations and the government will have to deal […]

Rahul Gandhi Condemns Sale of India’s Public Insurance Firm as Shameless Act of Modi Government

He said of the Modi administration’s plan to sell part of India’s stake in the country’s largest insurer, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), that it was “compromising the future of the people of the country,” adding that the “sale of (LIC) is one of the shameless efforts of the government.”

China’s India problem | A curious mix of ambition and paranoia

It is not only India, but, in the past, powers such as the US and England committed similar mistakes by trusting China to behave responsibly in the rule-based global system. In the case of India and China, in the past few years, the leaders from both countries rendered a narrative that marked a striking departure […]

Dozens of scientific journals have vanished from the internet, and no one preserved them

The study didn’t identify examples of prominent journals or articles that were lost, nor collect data on the journals’ impact factors and citation rates to the articles. About half of the journals were published by research institutions or scholarly societies; none of the societies are large players in the natural sciences. None of the now-dark […]

Hima Das, Neeraj Chopra, Pullela Gopichand to spearhead the IDBI Federal #FutureFearless Champions Challenge

“We are delighted to see the #FutureFearless Champions Challenge initiative which recognizes the Sports Stars of India and encourages participants to take a holistic approach to fitness. Fitness is the key driver for well-being in these testing times,” says Adille Sumariwalla, President – Athletics Federation of India.

Parallel associations spoiling the broth in sporting powerhouse Haryana

In gymnastics, there are three bodies claiming to be the governing body of the sport in the state, but the Gymnastics Federation of India (GFI) has not given recognition or authorisation any of these to send the team for nationals. Looking into the tussle over the control of the sport in the state, the GFI […]

Historian Hal Brands on COVID-19’s effect on world order

On COVID’s global effect: ”[W]hat COVID has done is it didn’t affect a system that was perfectly healthy. It affected a system that was already beset by a variety of pre-existing conditions, so to speak. And that helps account for why the pandemic has had the effect that it had, and in many ways, it has […]