Chef Floyd Cardoz, who died of COVID-19 in New Jersey, redefined regional Indian cuisine for the modern world

In Mumbai, his favourite haunts were A1 Bakery, Wanton House and Hearsch Bakery, besides kheema pav at Yacht and not to mention the butcheries where he could buy fresh meat. “A day at the Cardoz home would start with mom and Ermine planning the day’s menu; Ermine would then go to the market with a […]

Let Trolls: World Tour Brighten Up Your Day With 10 Straight Hours of Smooth Jazz

“Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake return in an all-star sequel to DreamWorks Animation’s 2016 musical hit: Trolls World Tour. In an adventure that will take them well beyond what they’ve known before, Poppy (Kendrick) and Branch (Timberlake) discover that they are but one of six different Troll tribes scattered over six different lands and devoted […]

Trolls World Tour Home Video Pre-Orders Launch With a Bonus

The coronavirus pandemic has brought movie theater closures and have forced movie studios to experiment with pushing new movies to video much earlier than expected. The most notable of these adjustments comes with Universal / DreamWorks’ Trolls World Tour, which is bypassing a theater release altogether and going directly to a Video on Demand rental […]

True number of people with coronavirus could be 10 million, says health chief

“The pressure to get back into shape, the pressure to socialise, the pressure to feed certain ways, the pressure to feel calm and relaxed, the pressure to look as though you have it ‘all together’. These pressures are reduced by physical isolation, and can be helpful to some mothers.”

Focus turns to US as coronavirus continues to spread around world

Hospitals and morgues in New York struggled to treat or bury casualties as the state governor, Andrew Cuomo, predicted similar misery for the rest of the country. New York suffered its deadliest single day on Friday, with 562 additional deaths across the state for a total of 2,935, Cuomo said, with 102,863 confirmed cases.

Chefs table: Cooking during a lockdown

IngredientsCherry tomatoes – halved: 150gmsOnions, roughly diced: ​30gms​​Celery, roughly diced: ​30gmsThyme: 2 gmsMilk: 100mlDouble cream: 20ml​​Butter: 20gmsSieved flour: 30gmsVegetable stock: 100mlYellow pepper: 100 gmsSalt and pepper to tasteOlive: 15mlBread: cubesParsley: 2 gmsMETHOD:Cherry tomato soupIn a roasting tray add in the cherry tomatoes, roughly diced celery and leeks and marinate with salt, thyme and olive oil.Roast […]

Expat chefs light up Mumbai’s indie fine dining scene with their inventive cooking

It also introduced Mumbai to the phenomenon of indie restaurants run by expat chefs. Delhi has always had its share, but in Mumbai, they were largely confined to luxury hotels. Entrepreneur Nick Harrison and Chef Alexis Gielbaum first met in 2014, when they were working at Le Bistro du Parc in Delhi. Both, incidentally, studied […]

‘Chef’ review: A first-class meal

From the movie’s first moments, Favreau lets us know that Carl’s commitment is profound, that he’s a great chef, and that it would be a privilege to eat anything he cooked. At the same time, we recognize that he is going through a crisis, and that the crisis is on all sides, personal and professional. […]

The top 10 best towns to visit in Australia announced launched theDon’t Delay Your Staycampaign as an initiative to support communities hard hit by this summer’s devastating bushfires. Many of these regions rely on tourism so one of the best ways to help is to visit and spend time in some of the most beautiful parts of our great country.

World Athletics Championships: Jamaica, US claim sprint relay golds

Successful athletes who are also mothers Heike Drechsler By the time her son Toni was born in 1989, Heike Drechsler had already won gold medals for East Germany in the long jump at both the World and European Championships. She’d also won gold in the 200 meters at the European Championships. After giving birth, she […]