‘Searing anthem on racism’ by WV-born singer draws acclaim

“The winner was supposed to get a trip to New York and $500,” Ellison recalled. “When it was my turn, I started singing and about 20 seconds into the song, one of the judges stopped me and said, ‘We have a winner!’ I was the only Black person in the room. I walked back to […]

The end of an aristocratic era of style, opulence… and overdrafts

The Queen Mother lived and died as the last great Edwardian lady. Accountants may have taken over in the City and in industry, and might even have advised the Queen herself, but they had no place in her household. As one regular guest at her weekend parties puts it: ‘When you were with the Queen […]

Better Concert Livestreams Are Coming. But You’ll Have to Pay for Them

“The reason I have not just a first call, but a third, fourth and fifth call with everyone in the value chain on these shows, is that there’s a lot of money that can be made here.” — Mike Schabel, chief executive of the livestreaming platform behind BTS’s Bang Bang Con Maestro doesn’t think there’s […]