10 new tricks WatchOS 7 will soon bring to your Apple Watch

There’s also a new heath metric that can help users get a sense of their mobility and cardiovascular capabilities. Advanced age or injuries can affect people’s balance and overall ability to move safely and effectively. The Apple Watch uses its motion sensors (as well as the motion sensors on the iPhone) to get a picture […]

HTC One mini 2 review: average by design

BlinkFeed is at the core of Sense 6. Or, to be more precise, just to the left of the core, since it’s accessed by swiping that way from the home screen. If you’ve ever used Flipboard, it will be instantly familiar. Acting as a compendium for all the news streams and social updates you might […]

Apple Watch: It’s been 5 years since my original review, and it holds up

Today: the best watch in a war of attritionYou don’t need an Apple Watch. In many ways, it’s a toy: an amazing little do-it-all, a clever invention, a possibly time-saving companion, a wrist-worn assistant. It’s also mostly a phone accessory for now. In the months and years to come, that may change: with Apple’s assortment […]

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ongoing review: 7 standout and not-so-great features today

Other Note 20 features and goodiesUWB support for sharing files like a digital key. Point to share with other Samsung devices using UWB. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to over 100 games you can play on the fly. Samsung’s Microsoft partnership: Drag-and-drop and syncing from Windows devices and apps to your Samsung phone, including notes […]