BAE Systems swoops on US companies in $2.2bn spending spree

Charles Woodburn, BAE chief executive, said the merger offers a unique opportunity to expand the company’s electronics business. This is responsible for about a fifth of BAE’s £18.4bn revenues.

Waikato food tech company plans $14m research and development centre

“It is still going to take another year to get the R&D centre built, and more time to get up to speed with recruitment and so hopefully when that’s done, the world will be a better place.”

Companies under fire for skin-lightening creams: “They need to ban the products”

“As a company whose products are cherished by millions of consumers worldwide, Beiersdorf celebrates and promotes diversity. It is our ambition to serve consumers and help them feel good in their own skin. We aim to meet the very different needs and wishes of our consumers around the globe with safe, trusted products and address […]

Nobel peace prize winner calls on Congolese government to quit

On Friday, when he was awarded one of the world’s most prestigious prizes, Mukwege had arrived in his surgery at 7.30am as usual. He was operating on his second patient when he heard some of his patients and colleagues crying; this is how he learned he had won.

DRC justice minister arrested after conflict over judicial reforms

The controversial reforms include proposals to define the powers of judges, which critics said is a ploy to muzzle the judiciary. They were put forward by the Common Front for Congo (FCC), a coalition close to Kabila, who remains a behind-the-scenes force in national politics.

Army colonel arrested in Congo over deaths of UN experts

Zaida Catalán, a Swede, and Michael Sharp, an American, were killed in March 2017 while investigating reports of atrocities during an armed conflict between government forces and the Kamuina Nsapu militia in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai region.

The village where dozens of young girls have been raped is still waiting for justice

The information was passed on to different groups working on the protection of women and children. A non-governmental Kavumu task force had been formed in May 2014, based in Bukavu, consisting of Monusco, other UN offices, Physicians for Human Rights and doctors from Panzi hospital. But not all parties in the group were agreed on […]

Belgium blamed for icon’s murder

But there was a bloody civil war, provoked by an attempt by the copper-rich province of Katanga to secede. This was led by Moise Tshombe, who recruited Belgian, French and South African mercenaries to fight the elected government. Lumumba was deposed by an unknown colonel, Joseph-Désire Mobutu, who took over, renamed the country Zaire, made […]

Revealed: how Africa’s dictator died at the hands of his boy soldiers

A copy of the assassination plan has been kept by one of the plotters, identified by Le Monde only as ‘Abdoul’. Consisting of three unsigned hand-written pages, it explains how the conspirators would infiltrate strategic positions in Kinshasa, including the presidential palace, the national radio and television station and the headquarters of the country’s electricity […]