The world’s largest digital camera could unlock mysteries of the universe

The focal plane took six months to assemble. Each grid of nine sensors is called a scientific raft, and 25 rafts had to be fitted into their spots along the grid. The sensors can easily crack if they come in contact with each other, and they only have a tiny gap between rafts — less […]

First 3,200-Megapixel Image Taken by Sensors for ‘World Largest Digital Camera’ Would Take Over 300 4K TVs to Display in Full Size

For the duration of the 10-year project, the finished camera will collect images of about 20 billion galaxies. The final product will be designed so the sensors will be able to spot objects that are “100 million times dimmer than those visible to the naked eye.”

World’s largest digital camera snaps first 3200MP photo

The large-sized ultra-high resolution pictures could be captured due to 189 individual sensors spread over a two-foot wide focal plane that dwarfs a standard camera’s 1.4-inch-wide imaging sensor. Each of the sensors bring 16 megapixels to the table – about the same number as the imaging sensors of most modern digital cameras.

The world’s largest digital camera has taken the first 3,200 megapixel photo

The telescope-camera, once complete, is destined for the Rubin Observatory in Chile, where it will periodically take panoramic images of the complete southern sky for a decade. Its data will feed into the Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) – a catalog containing more galaxies than there are living people on Earth.

Sony teases ‘new concept’ Alpha series camera set to launch next week

With four words, Sony Japan has disrupted its popular mirrorless Alpha series by teasing a newcomer. On Sony Japan’s Alpha series page, the header simply reads “new concept is coming” above the Alpha series symbol and the date: September 15 at 10:00, which translates to 9 p.m. ET on September 14. A video premiere is already […]

Sony teases the more approachable FX6 cinema camera

Sony’s upcoming cinema series could potentially lower the bar for entry into the category to more creators. Announced in a teaser on September 2, the new Sony Cinema Line will mix two existing but updated cameras with a new, smaller cinema camera before the end of the year. While cinema cameras are typically reserved for […]

3,200-megapixel camera of the future Vera Rubin Observatory snaps record-breaking 1st photos

“Taking these images is a major accomplishment,” SLAC scientist Aaron Roodman, who’s responsible for the assembly and testing of the LSST Camera, said in a statement. “With the tight specifications, we really pushed the limits of what’s possible to take advantage of every square millimeter of the focal plane and maximize the science we can […]

The bizarre Canon Powershot Zoom looks like the future of compact cameras

It also follows an interesting trend from Canon, or its Canon Marketing Japan subsidiary, of testing concepts with limited edition crowdfunding campaigns. Its first foray into crowdfunded cameras was the Canon Ivy Rec in 2019, which is a carabiner-style camera that’s an interesting new take on the action cam.

Rambo Circus’ digital show comes home on September 25

Sujit Dilip, owner of Rambo Circus has not seen the show but is sure the spectacle will weave its magic online too. The online transition was a new experience. He says, “When Lakshya came up with this offer, we thought it was a good chance to financially support the artistes. Doing a five-minute show for […]

The Future of Gaming: Sony unveils PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Digital Edition

Sony has officially revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 along with a ton of new games at “The Future of Gaming” event. The PS5 console features a white and black finish with a futuristic design. The new finish matches the new DualSense controller, which was unveiled earlier this year.