Why R programming language is gaining ground among developers

Despite the phenomenal rise of Python for data science, programming language R continues to attract developers building analytics applications. R’s open source community, the richness of its algorithms, its appeal with academia, and its convenience in use in consulting businesses are driving growth. R, designed by two statisticians and released in 1995, was created for […]

Developers: These are the programming languages that pay the most

There’s not a huge difference between hourly rates among the top 15 languages. However, there are three standout languages in terms of year-over-year growth in contract volume. SQL saw the highest growth in volume at 152%, while Ruby and Java saw the second highest volume at 127% each. 

Developers: Getting ahead is about more than programming languages

For IT professionals keen to progress there are many different routes to the top, and each requires a particular set of talents. So what should you focus on if you want to move up? Where should IT professionals focus if they want to develop their careers and climb as high up the ladder as they […]

Julia is Python + C, says creator Viral Shah

He said Julia is also excellent for the production environment. Scientists and domain experts use Python, R and SAS to write their algorithms because they are simpler languages. But when these algorithms have to be run on data on large scale – put into production, in other words – the algorithms need to be rewritten […]

Python programming: Microsoft’s latest beginners’ course looks at developing for NASA projects

Again, there’s no real information about how to start programming in Python, but it explains how AI can be used to improve space rock research. For example, astronauts with a computer could take photos of rocks in space to quickly identify the type of rock it is.  

AWS introduces Bottlerocket: A Rust language-oriented Linux for containers

For AWS users, the attraction is, of course, that it’s an easy-to-use, secure container Linux for their favorite public cloud. As someone’s who used Linux for decades, I find its use of Rust to be its most fascinating feature. For both cloud developers and Linux programmers, there are interesting times ahead.

How China’s new language policy sparked rare backlash in Inner Mongolia

On Wednesday, the public security bureaus in several districts of Tongliao city in eastern Inner Mongolia released wanted lists of people accused of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” — a charge routinely used by the Chinese government to suppress dissent, with individual photographs showing them in crowds or gatherings. Some photos appear to show parents […]

VAS instils passion for creating and programming robots in primary students

Besides the highly applicable academic programme, VAS primary students also participate in diverse extracurricular and talent activities such as painting and writing contest, VAS Got Talent, or VAS Olympics and take part in exciting and valuable field trips. During these activities, students get a chance to confidently express themselves, raise awareness and responsibility to their […]

DCCC reserves new ad buys in competitive districts, adds new members to ‘Red to Blue’ program

“House Democrats have recruited a historically strong class of candidates. Their local leadership, fundraising, and extraordinary records of service put Democrats in a commanding position to continue expanding our offensive battlefield and expand our majority,” Rep. Cheri BustosCheryl (Cheri) Lea BustosDCCC reserves new ad buys in competitive districts, adds new members to ‘Red to Blue’ […]

AI Is Inventing Languages Humans Can’t Understand. Should We Stop It?

However, as paradoxical as this might sound, we might see big gains in such software better understanding our intent. While two computers speaking their own language might be more opaque, an algorithm predisposed to learn new languages might chew through strange new data we feed it more effectively. For example, one researcher recently tried to teach a neural net to create new colors and […]