‘Martin Eden’ Is Vividly Rendered Take On Jack London’s Novel

“So the world is stronger than me,” Martin admits at the outset, but it can’t be by much. Tall, rangy and muscular, Martin attracts Elena and her family by taking out a belligerent jerk, and further wins them over with his well-spoken sincerity and declaration to pursue self-improvement. By virtue of his domineering physicality combined […]

Commission blames Austrian government for poor handling of Ischgl coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus: The consequences for tourism Tourist pilot project launched on Mallorca Some 6,000 Germans will be the first foreign tourists to be allowed to travel to the Balearic Islands from June 15. According to Spanish media, the pilot project is intended to test the security precautions at airports and hotels before all of Spain opens […]

Working together, these polar opposite Lafayette sisters tackle TV’s ‘The Amazing Race’

“Some sisters grow up being close,” Michelle said. “We’re just so opposite in every way — clothing tastes, music tastes, everything. Now, it’s one of those things were we have to talk to each other every day. I saw a different side of her and she saw a different side of me. … A team, definitely […]