It’s okay that Joe Belfiore is using an iPhone

Under Steve Ballmer’s leadership, Microsoft was a place where employees had to hide their iPhones, but the new, more enlightened company under Satya Nadella has declared itself device-agnostic. Many of Microsoft’s most compelling apps are now on the iPhone, whether we’re talking about its mobile Office suite or its series of smart acquisitions like Wunderlist and Acompli (now […]

How to Change the Group Conversation Photo in Messages on iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad users who are running iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and higher have access to more features for customing group chats and conversations. Instead of seeing small icons for group members, you can have a custom group photo, surrounded by individual display pictures.

What’s New in Windows 10’s 20H2 Update, Arriving Fall 2020

Sure, we had a smaller update last year with 19H2 (the November 2019 Update) followed by a larger update with 20H1 (the May 2020 Update). But Microsoft insisted that there was no plan to do a small update followed by a large update each year. This time around, 20H2 easily could have been another big […]

Best UK streaming and pay-TV services 2020: Sky, Virgin, Netflix and Amazon Prime compared and ranked

The Apple TV app is available on Apple’s devices, including Macs, iPhones, iPads and the Apple TV streaming box, on a handful of smart TVs from Samsung and LG, plus Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku’s streaming boxes, but not Android devices or Amazon’s Fire tablets. Other devices can stream Apple TV+ in a browser. You […]

Mozilla cuts 25% of workforce after pandemic hits revenue

Job offers from the tech industryThe good news for programmers is that even during the pandemic, tech companies are hiring. On Twitter, employees mentioned job openings at Apple’s Safari browser team, Amazon Web Services, search engine DuckDuckGo, messaging app Signal and more. Many such tweets can be found with the #mozillalifeboat hashtag.

Twitter is for real rolling out its reply-limiting feature to all users

Twitter is making its reply-limiting feature available to all users starting today, and it’s for real this time: You can finally say goodbye to the reply guys. The company’s director of product management, Suzanne Xie, writes in a blog post published Tuesday that the feature is part of the platform’s efforts to give people more […]

Harrowing CCTV of ‘laughing’ thug fleeing after stabbing Arsenal fan, 20, to death on Tube with £200 military knife

Lanning was previously jailed for four years at Lewes Crown Court after admitting stabbing a client seven times in the chest in Brighton on 15 July 2016 when he was selling him drugs.

Face ID doesn’t work when you’re wearing a mask—Apple’s about to address that

Apple’s Face ID method for authenticating on recent iPhones offers a number of security benefits, and it’s a neat trick to boot. But in a pandemic-stricken world where many people either opt to or are even required to wear protective masks, users have discovered that Face ID doesn’t usually work when they need it to. […]

Why You Can’t Install Flash on an iPad (and What to Do Instead)

If All Else Fails, Try a Desktop Browser Unsatisfied with a simulated Flash experience on your iPhone or iPad? Well, the only other option is to load the Flash-based site on a desk- or laptop running a browser that supports Flash on Windows, macOS, or Chrome.

The many sides of Microsoft’s new two-screen Suface Duo phone

The phone’s two halves are connected by a hinge—a mechanical affordance that the Surface team has plenty of experience with, having gone through multiple generations of kickstands for its Surface Pro tablets. The one on the Duo feels robust, rotates 180 degrees, and stays put wherever you leave it, giving the device a wealth of […]