Toronto Film Festival Jury Winners: ‘Martin Eden’, ‘Murmur’, ‘How To Build A Girl’

The FIPRESCI Special Presentations prize to How to Build a Girl comes after it world premiered at TIFF last weekend. Feldstein stars in “a witty and heartfelt story of an irrepressible teenage girl who breaks into the snooty boys’ club of English rock criticism, loses her soul, and then gains it back again,” the jury […]

Drive-In ‘Lovers Rock’: A NY Film Festival Unlike Any Other Honks Opening Horn

The pair’s exchange did not take place onstage, as is the usual custom at Tully or the Walter Reade Theater, or in their brief pre-taped segment on the drive-in screen. Instead, it happened during a podcast produced by Film at Lincoln Center. Just before the lights went down, Hernandez had encouraged everyone in the audience […]

New York Film Festival Puts Tradition Into Turnaround To Meet The Drive-In Moment

French Exit director Azazel Jacobs said he isn’t going to wait for a second chance to be in New York for his big night. Even though he won’t be able to bask in the usual balcony spotlight at Tully, the New York native will be in the city, even if he has to quarantine for […]

Steam’s Autumn Game Festival arrives with hundreds of new game demos

In brief: Steam’s “Game Fest” events seem to have become a seasonal occurrence at this point. There was one in Spring, Summer, and now, there’s one for Autumn, appropriately known as the “Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition.” It promises hundreds of free demos for upcoming titles and dozens of livestreams showcasing games and developer interviews. […]

‘Northern Exposure’ Stars Rob Morrow, Janine Turner & More Explain Why CBS Cult Fave Was “Groundbreaking” For Its Time – Vulture Festival

Corbett, whose Chris Stevens was a DJ and ex-convict, said that the oddities and charm of Northern Exposure left viewers with a sense of whimsy, which prepared them for the upcoming week. But Northern Exposure‘s ability to attract people from all walks of lives, from well-paid doctors to “hillbillies,” contributed to its long-lasting effect, he said.

Nina Menkes Sets #MeToo Documentary ‘Brainwashed’, Maria Giese And Summer Xinlei Yang Join As Co-Producers

The docu gives incisive commentary on films from the 1940s through the present. Using key scenes from A-list directors, Menkes spotlights how filmmakers employ framing, lighting, visual effects and camera angles to disempower women while appearing to glamorize them. These cinematic techniques for disempowerment have been dubbed “The Menkes List.”

Kajal Aggarwal Gives Us A Festive Outfit Goal And Pyjama Set Idea With Her Sister Nisha Aggarwal

So, Kajal Aggarwal and her sister, Nisha Aggarwal flaunted pyjama sets recently and gave us ultimate sister goal. They looked awesome in their pyjama sets, which came from the label, Dandelion. Kajal wore a Kissed by a Butterfly notched collared pyjama set. And Nisha Aggarwal wore a milky way notched collared pyjama set. Their respective […]

Aldi launch new festive pre-mixed gin and tonic in a can for less than £2

For those looking for other gins with a festive zoosh, Harvey Nichols launch Snow Globe Gin Liqueur that lights up for £29. For those of us who want to delight our guests with an alcoholic beverage with a difference, look no further than this famous department store as they have a snow globe gin with […]

Students face a nightmare before AND after Christmas with a fortnight of self-isolation on campus then another two weeks at home following festive break – as Oxford halls is latest to lockdown after 91 positive tests

Coronavirus second wave has claimed the lives of just 17 victims under 40: Official figures show the disease is 100 times as deadly for the oldest victims as it is for the young Fewer than 20 people aged under 40 have died with coronavirus since the second wave began.

‘Martin Eden’ Is Vividly Rendered Take On Jack London’s Novel

Back in the grungy slums with his sister and her family, Martin becomes a sincere autodidact, reading voraciously with the intention of qualifying as a writer himself within two years. If the setting were today and you looked like Martin, everyone would tell him to shove the writing and become a male model or actor. […]