German infections rise; new Covid-19 cases of reactivations

Coronavirus cases in the U.S. increased 1.1% as compared with the same time Tuesday to 5.17 million, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News. The increase matched the average daily gain over the past week. Deaths rose by 0.7% to 165,328.

Florida Airports Quit Screening Tri-State Passengers as COVID-19 Spiked

“Please bring your own face coverings and wear them at all times, except when dining or swimming,” read the Walt Disney World face-covering policy. “You may remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking, but you should be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing.”

Italy to launch COVID-19 testing on travelers returning from Greece, Spain, Malta, Croatia

Similar cases included 10 Italian students who recently returned to the southern Apulia region after traveling to Greece and nine people in the Lazio region who tested positive after returning from Spain (2 cases), Malta (2), Ukraine (2), Pakistan (2), and Romania.

Whisky sour and lockdown tumbleweed

Diageo says the tariffs are of particular concern to smaller distillers with more exposure to single malts. The figures suggest it can afford to be relaxed about them, but it joins the industry in vigorous criticism of being drawn into a dispute over airliner manufacturing. It faces the same 25% punitive tax on sales of […]

These are the best cheap wireless router deals for August 2020

The routers that are typically rented out by ISPs are on the lower end of the bandwidth spectrum (which, as we said, is why you find a good wireless router deal so you can buy your own), but 600 to 2,400 Mbps is a good range for normal users and small families. Larger networks and […]