Mass testing being done at Kentucky prison where virus found

The outbreak this spring at the Green River Correctional Complex resulted in 417 virus cases among inmates and staff, Brown said. Of them, 392 have recovered. To contain the virus’s spread, officials separated inmates into housing units based on their health conditions.

Portland Rioters Torch Pig Head, American and Trump Flags; Speakers Call for Abolishing Police, Prisons

Protesters gathered Wednesday night at Chapman Square near the Justice Center as demonstrations continued in Portland for an 11th straight week since the killing of George Floyd. A post on social media said the group is calling for the total abolition of the prison system and the police.

Protesters freed in Belarus speak of prison beatings

As the European Union prepares to consider possible sanctions against the Belarusian authorities over a crackdown on demonstrators angry over what they believe was a rigged presidential election on Sunday, some protesters walked free from the Okrestina detention facility.

IS prisoner issue a ticking timebomb for the West

The IS prisoners no-one wants How do countries deal with IS returnees? What is Islamic State? Under the so-called caliphate those enforcers belonged to the Hisbah, the female morality police, who meted out harsh punishments. Today, despite being behind barbed wire in the camps, they have effectively reconstituted themselves as the same thing.

Islamic State group: Europe has ticking time bomb in prison camps

Certainly it is hard to see IS being able to rebuild anything like the physical, geographic space it occupied and controlled for five years across a great swathe of Syria and Iraq. But Dr Emman El-Badawy, who has spent years researching Islamist extremism and who now works for the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, […]

Afghanistan releases final 400 Taliban prisoners

The prisoner release has been one of the Taliban’s top demands for moving forward with peace negotiations with the Afghan government. Their release was approved over the weekend by a gathering of thousands of prominent Afghansknown as the “Loya Jirga.” 

Afghan authorities begin release of ‘dangerous’ Taliban prisoners

A prisoner swap formed part of a deal signed by the Taliban and the United States in February, which saw Washington agree to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in return for a pledge from the insurgents to hold peace talks with the Afghan government.

Afghan gov’t releases 80 Taliban prisoners: official

Since early March, the Afghan government had released 5,100, including 500 prisoners who were not included in a Taliban list of prisoners, and Taliban freed 1,000 Afghan soldiers or government staff, but the Afghan government suspended the release of 400 Taliban inmates over their involvement in serious crimes.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s brother-in-law recalls how he learned of actor’s death, did ‘toughest thing’ of his life and broke news to wife

He wrote that he is sharing this story because even after two months, they are struggling. “What was taken away from us that night is hard to express in words. Our lives will never be the same again,” he wrote. He did, however, add that they are hoping for an unbiased investigation into the matter. […]

Who is Jodi Arias and is she still in prison for the murder of Travis Alexander?

How can I watch the Jodi Arias documentary? Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery is available to watch on Hulu. It’s a three part documentary detailing the cold-blooded murder of Alexander and the disturbing case that captivated our nation.