Down Under sets aside historic acrimony in UK trade talks

“There is no doubt Australia was a casualty from the U.K.’s entry into the European Economic Community,” Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham told reporters. “In 1973, the U.K. was Australia’s third-largest two-way goods partner. Now it is our 12th. U.K. consumers turned away from Australian produce when high tariffs and low quotas were imposed.”

France accuses UK of stalling in post-Brexit trade talks

The 27-nation EU and the U.K. remain deadlocked in their talks on future trade ties after a transitional divorce period ends on Dec. 31. That has raised concerns that no agreement will be in place in time and that tariffs and other impediments to trade will be imposed on Jan. 1.

India plays down Donald Trump’s decision to remove US trade privileges

The United States had put on hold a decision to withdraw the GSP benefits to India until May 23, the day the results of the country’s 39-day general election that began April 11 were announced. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi only took the oath office on Thursday and on Friday named Piyush Goyal his new […]

Trade Spotlight: Hero Moto, Affle India, Balaji Amines & Bajaj Electricals in focus

Thus, indicating that long-term trend has changed. In the near term, as long as the stock holds above Rs 3,020 levels, it can rally towards Rs 3,400-3525 levels. While on the downside, major support is seen at Rs 2,850-2,750 zone.

Whisky-a-no-no: Liz Truss urges US to lift trade tariffs on single malt spirits after Trump administration drops duty on British-made shortbread biscuits and agrees not to up tax on gin

Ms Betts said the latest development was ‘deeply disappointing’, adding: ‘The tariff is inflicting huge damage on the Scotch Whisky sector, with exports to the US down 30 per cent since the tariff came into effect and the industry grappling with losses now totalling around £300 million. 

U.S., China trade jibes as military tensions worsen

He added, “We’re not going to cede this region, an inch of ground if you will, to another country, any other country that thinks their form of government, their views on human rights, their views on sovereignty, their views on freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, all those things, that somehow […]

New Zealand stock exchange halts trading for third day because of a cyber attack

The exchange said it halted stock trading at about 4 p.m. local time (12 a.m. ET) on Tuesday after it experienced a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack from outside the country. That was followed by further attacks on Wednesday and Thursday, which prevented trading in debt and equity markets for most of the day. […]

Mexico posts record trade surplus helped by automotive recovery

MEXICO CITY: Mexico posted a record trade surplus in July as exports of automotive and other manufactured goods gathered steam after the coronavirus lockdown was loosened, while imports remained weak, figures from the national statistics agency showed on Thursday.Adjusted for seasonal swings, the trade surplus widened to $6.752 billion last month, beating the prior record […]

Trade and industry say mandatory COVID-19 testing is impractical

Small traders, who employ three to five workers, will just shut down their business. These workers do not stay at the accommodations arranged by the employer. They come to work every day. So there is no point in testing these workers regularly, according to C. Balasubramaniam, vice-president of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, […]

Dressing up Madras: on textiles of yore, cloth trade and markets

Theagaraya Nagar, the go-to place for anything cloth and jewellery, was formed in 1923. Textile industrialist Nalli Kuppuswamy Chetti, who has documented the growth of T. Nagar, said the city grew towards the south; the silk saree and cloth trade, too, moved from Devaraja Mudali Street and Mint Street.