World Athletics, please note: DSD regulations are a violation of human rights

On its website, WA has put out a list of FAQ’s on classification of female eligibility. They do not address the simple questions that arise from the HRW report: Why aren’t women athletes clearly explained the situation at the start? Without an athlete’s permission, how can WADA dope tests double up as gender tests? What’s […]

‘The Right to Education in India: The Importance of Enforceability of a Fundamental Right’ review: Education for all

This could be a great opportunity to focus on strengthening the school system in India. First, in terms of infrastructure, with repaired, electrified, better ventilated and freshly painted classrooms and toilets, focusing increased MGNREGA allocations on this area. This will also provide livelihood support for returning migrant workers, whose children will also be enrolled in […]

The right and wrong ways to clean stainless-steel pans

What is the best way to clean stainless-steel pans? So now the real question: How to clean stainless-steel pans? In addition to cleaning them by hand, you want to use the right cleansers and tools. Always stick to nonabrasive sponges or dishcloths. For those stubborn, burned bits of food, a helpful trick is to boil […]

People have a right to demonstrate peacefully: UN spokesperson on farmers’ protests

On December 4, India summoned Canadian High Commissioner and told him that the comments made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and others in his Cabinet on the farmers’ protest constituted an “unacceptable interference” in the country’s internal affairs and these actions, if continued, will have a “seriously damaging” impact on bilateral ties.

Fuming woman writes angry note to neighbour who she thinks nicked her takeaway – so who do you think is in the right?

Elsewhere on Fabulous, one thrifty mum who didn’t buy any luxuries for a year and saved £25,000 shares her top five money saving tips.

Netflix StreamFest: How to watch Netflix for free right now in India

Netflix StreamFest: Best TV shows and movies Netflix has tens of thousands of TV shows, and it can be pretty overwhelming to find something to stream on the service if you’re just getting started. So I’m rounding up some of my favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix; just hit up the links below to […]

Picking the right office chair

Overall comfortJust because an office chair offers tons of ergonomic features — or a lot of extra bells and whistles — doesn’t necessarily mean it will feel great. This is why buying a chair without testing it is risky. One that promises lumbar support, for example, can be either highly comfortable or highly uncomfortable depending […]

Pearl Jam Teaming with Pro Vote By Mail Group for ‘Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy’

Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy, Volume 2, a compilation album with many artists’ previously unreleased music, is available for one day only this Friday, 10/2 on @bandcamp. The compilation album features the new Pearl Jam song “Get it Back,” as well as “Something Real” from @DeafCharlie (Jeff Ament & John Wicks) […]

Not deadnaming Elliot Page and other basic trans etiquette

“We’ve been in a society where we’ve been told we are a certain way for all of our lives. We’ve been able to come out, but it is a lot of work that we are doing to say ‘Hey no this is not who we are’, and things like dead naming are undoing that,” said […]

Guests at gay ‘daddy orgy’ where anti-LGBT MEP was caught breaking Covid rules thought cops raiding the party were ‘part of the show’ and ‘tried to undo their pants’, host claims

Orban was appointed prime minister for the first time after the 1998 election. He was ejected from high office after losing the 2002 election to the Socialist Party, and became Leader of the Opposition for the period until his landslide election victory in 2010 — as the government fell out of favour with the public […]