‘We Are Therapists. After 6 Months of Lockdown, We’re Almost at Breaking Point’

We both have patients in two of the highest risk groups during the pandemic; frontline healthcare workers and college students. Therapists and psychiatrists like us are facing the very same stressors and traumas as their patients, but we were both trained to keep our eye on the patient and leave our own problems at the […]

Huge bruises led to terrifying diagnosis for A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton

Many people have no symptoms, but they can include petechiae – a rash of tiny pinprick red dots – as well as easy bruising, bleeding gums and fatigue. For Laura, the condition was acute and she was told she would need to take a course of steroids to boost her platelet count.

Decorated Iraq War veteran denied community supervision, facing 5 years in prison for pot possession

Now, the Worsleys have been searching for additional legal counsel and hoping on an appeal filed in Alabama’s legal system. Eboni said funds initially raised in the months after Sean’s arrest were dwindling. The couple was able to pay off medical and housing debts, afford initial counsel and pay for Eboni to move to Alabama […]