Gulliver’s World to open £5.6million woodland retreat for families with themed lodges

As for entertainment? Parents will no doubt want to make use of the on-site spa, while kids will be able to enjoy a new Woodland Adventure Area, which is specifically designed so that “children and families are encouraged to enjoy the great outdoors”.

10 remote Shepherd’s Hut stays in the UK ideal for idyllic retreats off the grid

4. Llety’r Bugail, Anglesey Llety’r Bugail offers up a dreamy countryside escape. Surrounded by sprawling green scenery and a short walk from pebbled beaches, there’s something for the adventurers, while in the evenings you can take in the views from the outdoor seating area.

Cosy UK cottages with log fires and countryside views for an idyllic autumn breaks

4. Faraway Treehouse, Cumbria You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a real-life fairytale in this quirky treehouse thanks to its eclectic decor that’s inspired by pixies. There are floor-to-ceiling windows so you don’t miss out on the woodlands views – and we’re already dreaming of a soak in the roll top bath overlooking the greenery.

Let the healing begin: how can the Festival of Brexit unite Britain?

Ben Myers, author of The Gallows Pole, is also no stranger to macabre visions of England. But he’s confident he could put on a blow-out festival with £120m to spend. “That goes a long way up north,” he says. “So I’d probably recreate 1951’s Festival of Britain, but tour it around Rochdale, Sunderland and Burnley. […]

How Newcastle has become UK’s drugs death capital – with Spice ‘zombies’, gun-toting gangs & 90% spike in tragedies

Donna had spent all her life on the same estate. Aged 31, she had seen enough horror to last ten lives. She said: “I stabbed a man in the face under the influence of alcohol, Valium and (psychoactive drug) benzos.” He survived and, soon after her release from prison in 2014, Donna fell pregnant. But […]

DOMINIC LAWSON: The real travesty of UK justice? The endless delays that pile on the agony for victims

Even then, I was struck by the length of time that had passed between the crime and the trials which I was witnessing. One was a straightforward case of causing death by dangerous driving which took less than a day to be processed in court. Yet the incident (and the arrest of the perpetrator) had […]

Spirit Molecules: Allies for Healing from Trauma

Determining what are licit or illicit drugs in the United States and other countries is a matter of political policy, not policies based in therapeutic considerations or dangers to self or society. If this were not the case, nicotine and alcohol would be illegal, and cannabis and Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) would not. Attitudes about […]

Climate change: ‘Stunning’ seafloor ridges record Antarctic retreat

Prof Dowdeswell explained: “We have a maximum of 90 of these rungs with a spacing of 20-25m – that gives us, if extrapolated, a rate of 40-50m per day. Again, if extrapolated – that’s a rate in excess of 10km per year of retreat. And the really interesting thing about that is it’s a rate […]

‘Festival of Brexit’ can play ‘powerful role’ in healing UK, organiser says

“While there is sustainability money needed, there is bailout money needed, there’s also a dignity of work issue here,” he says. “All creatives want to do is make work. That’s why we’ve made sure we get going very quickly. Within a suite of strategies to support creative industries, this is one part.”

Slimmed down James Argent hikes at juice retreat in Portugal after five stone weight loss

“It made more sense for him to stay out there until the next gig, and he wouldn’t have been able to film for Towie anyway because he’d have had to quarantine for two weeks when he got back from Spain.