I’ll Be Gone in the Dark review: HBO’s monumental series is a treat for true crime fans

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is not merely a true crime documentary. Those are a dime a dozen. It is a living, breathing tribute to one woman’s quest to do right for several women who had something very wrong done to them. McNamara wasn’t driven by a desire for personal glory. “She was much […]

The Case Against Adnan Syed review: New HBO true crime series tries to solve murder mystery that Serial couldn’t

Like the Case Against Adnan Syed, that film was essentially a condensed retelling of a particularly excruciating story of injustice – once again a wrongful conviction – that had already received a seminal telling. These films are almost like those YouTube cram videos, which assure the viewer that they needn’t sit through days of Game […]

Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries: fans are saying same thing about the true crime series

The new spin on the classic mystery series focuses on a number of cases that have been left open over the years. The official synopsis reads: “Fusing signature elements from the original series with contemporary immersive, character-driven storytelling, the 12 new episodes are rooted in the experiences of ordinary people who have lived the unthinkable […]

Catching A Killer: the shocking true story behind Channel 4 true crime documentary

Peter’s family, including his brother, and friends were also interviewed for the case that they branded as a “callous”, “deeply malevolent and thoroughly evil” attack. After Ben was arrested and charged, he was then put on trial and eventually found guilty of murder at Oxford Crown Court in August 2019. He was sentenced to jail […]

23 of the best crime shows on Netflix from Unsolved Mysteries to Fear City New York vs The Mafia

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez True crime is hugely popular at the moment, and if you’re a fan then this is the one that everyone is talking about. When eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez was brutally murdered by his mother and her partner in 2013, the trials that followed were crucial in determining the systems protection of […]

29 amazing films based on true stories on NOW TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime

Green Book Green Book focuses on the friendship of Doctor Don Shirley, a genius pianist who hires a hard-hitting bouncer, Tony Lip, to chauffeur him throughout his tour in the southern states. Throughout their journey, the pair encounter racial tensions and learn more about one another, eventually becoming close friends. However, according to Shirley’s family, […]

Murder in the Car Park: the true story behind gripping new Channel 4 documentary

Who stars in Murder in the Car Park? The documentary will see archive footage, new interviews and in-depth investigations into what happened to try and uncover the truth. Viewers will hear accounts from Daniel’s business partner Jonathan Rees and from ex-Metropolitan Police Detective Sid Fillery, who were both arrested under suspicion of murder but later […]

Trump’s worthless approach to fighting crime in Chicago

One striking fact about about about the thousands of shootings that happen in Chicago every year gun violence is not a single one of those crime guns shows up in the data as having been bought from a gun store in the city — because there are no gun stores in the city.

Why don’t all cities with high rates of crime get the same Trump treatment?

The President might even look to Fox News’ own ranking of America’s five deadliest cities from earlier this year. Inconveniently for the President, only one, Baltimore, is in a reliably blue state. Meanwhile, three others, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and St. Louis, are in red states and the final one, Detroit, is in […]

Multimillionaire publisher is branded ‘the new Carole Baskin’ as new series of Unsolved Mysteries reveals how he refused to answer questions about the death of his close friend who plunged to his death through the roof of a hotel

‘I believe that Rey had some kind of information,’ Allison explained. ‘Maybe he stumbled on it, maybe he didn’t know he stumbled on it. But I believe Rey was murdered. What I can’t get in my head though, is what could that  information be for somebody to kill him?’