Netflix’s World’s Most Wanted: true crime docu-series leaves fans in shock

Taking to social media, fans were quick to give their review of the new show as well as chime in on their view of each individual that is focused on. Plenty were shocked by the crimes investigated on screen. One person tweeted: “Five riveting episodes of shock after shock for your weekend entertainment #worldsmostwanted #Netflix.”

From Netflix to Amazon Prime, our lowdown on which telly streaming services are best for lockdown

Is it for you?: Millennials, Generation X and Boomers can all find favourites from their childhood, with titles such as Mrs Doubtfire, Bedknobs And Broomsticks and The Jungle Book.

‘What’ll happen if I try this?’: David Mitchell on writing Cloud Atlas

Big books are made of many ingredients, and Cloud Atlas is no exception. All these years later, those I recall going into the book include: my millennial anxiety about how the new century would unfold, especially now I was a father, and had genetic skin in the game of civilisation outlasting me; a wish to […]

Michael Goodwin: Bill de Blasio doesn’t care about New York City — look at his record

He’s so bad that critics have run out of words to describe how bad he is. A fellow city Democrat, Rep. Max Rose, was fuming during an interview about the mayor’s performance when he delivered an insult that will be hard to beat. De Blasio, Rose said, is the worst mayor “in the history of this […]