NYC residents talk to Lawrence Jones about increase in crime, squalor: ‘It’s before the Giuliani era’

“We talked with residents about the crime, the shootings, and the drugs that are on the street — they blamed the mayor,” Jones said on “Hannity” before showing footage from his trademark man-on-the-street interviews.

Doubts remain in Egypt despite Sisi’s action against sexual harassment

UN research suggests over 99% of Egyptian women experience street harassment, while rights groups have documented over 250 mob sexual attacks at Cairo rallies since 2011. But in the past the issue has rarely been addressed by the media, let alone leading politicians, and only a handful of harassers have ever been prosecuted. This week, […]

Cairo University chief blames woman’s dress for sexual harassment

The university’s president, Dr Gaber Nasser, added to public outcry when he told a television talkshow the incident had resulted in part from the woman wearing colourful clothes, instead of a more conservative cloak, or “abaya”‘. He also said that she may face punishment for the incident along with her harassers, and possibly expulsion.