American Idol: Peyton Aldridge nearly ruins duet and dreams with Madison Paige over ‘chicken wings’

As the show ended, a performer named Just Sam, 20, who spent her days busking in the New York City subways, fell apart from the stress, getting a headache and crying, as she observed, ‘This audition, it would change my family’s life… I have to do it, I have to make it.’

Sam & Max Hit The Road is a sparkling gem that no longer fits into modern settings

As I continue my coughogeddon-inspired journey into comfort gaming, my next intended destination was Day Of The Tentacle. I’ve always loved it, ever since my dad bought me the prism-shaped box it so ridiculously came in. I’ve replayed it so many times, most recently last year four years ago when the Remastered version came out. […]

These are the online communities we will never forget

Lee Hutchinson: Thanks for calling tech support, how can I kill you? My formative Internet years were the mid 1990s, when the Web was still growing and the vast majority of companies didn’t have an Internet presence. USENET was still flourishing back in those days, though the cancer of spam that would eventually choke the […]

Shure Aonic 215 review: Solid sound, unique package

My biggest functionality concern with the Aonic 215 centers around a very basic feature. Or, rather, it should have been. The buttons, located at the bottom of each earphone, work well for what they’re designed to do. It takes a firm poke, but you can effectively play and pause music, answer and end calls, turn […]