The Sinister Fiction of Russian Aid to the COVID-Plagued World

Russian falsehoods on COVID-19 have taken a number of forms on the continent. In several cases, Moscow has simply outsourced its disinformation to German neo-Nazis, ever happy on both ideological and electoral grounds to whip up racist or xenophobic sentiment in a country host to over a million refugees. The Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda, formerly […]

‘We lost our sight’: Life in Myanmar under world’s longest internet shutdown

(Reuters) – Since Myanmar shut off the internet in two states a year ago, lawyer Oo Twan Hla, who was once able to check online when his cases were scheduled, said he must now travel through a war zone to read a signboard.

Coronavirus: What is the true death toll of the pandemic?

For sub-national areas like Jakarta, we have used Covid-19 deaths specific to that area. For Istanbul, the available Covid-19 data is only released at the national level. This causes an underestimation of the actual number of excess deaths that are not attributed to the coronavirus in Istanbul because the number attributed to Covid-19 represents the […]

India approaching Russia as world’s third-most virus infected nation

State government officials fear the metropolis could record more than half-a-million cases by the end of the month. India’s surge took the total tally to more than 673,000 cases and 19,268 deaths, with the country on the cusp of surpassing badly-hit Russia.

The whole world is spending to fight coronavirus. In Mexico, the leftist president is making cuts

“Considering the underreporting … returning to normal activities in two or three weeks seems impossible,” political analyst Ezra Shabot wrote on Twitter. Others cited recent outbreaks in factories along the northern border where some work deemed essential has continued.

Batkid saves San Francisco as charity makes a wish come true

Batkid successfully downed the villain, despite significant disadvantages in height and strength, and The Riddler was taken away in a San Francisco police department truck. SFPD did not immediately respond to questions regarding charges against The Riddler.

Egyptian TV show about Israel’s destruction opens real world rift

In one Saudi drama, Exit 7, a character questioned whether Israel should remain an enemy and if Riyadh’s support for a Palestinian state had been fruitless. The show was seen as mirroring the position of Saudi Arabia’s government, which has increased ties with Israel, partly due to their shared arch-enemy, Iran.

True untold story of Madeleine McCann suspect who seemed like ‘perfect gent’

A neighbour who cleaned up the property told last week how she found filthy conditions and bags of wigs and exotic clothes. This came as a surprise to his British ex, who remembered him being “house-proud”. But she also had an explanation for the items found.

G20 nations should provide debt relief to poorest counterparts, says World Bank economist

WASHINGTON: It is crucial for the G20 countries to provide debt relief to the poorest nations across the globe, the World Bank’s top economist said Friday, as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic rages on and true economic recovery remained “in the distant future”.

Affluence biggest threat to world, not coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s the answer

It is not wrong to become rich or to achieve prosperity, but when it goes beyond the limits of greed then it leads to problems. The richest in the world have just form half a percent of the global population, but the way of life these 4 crore people live is responsible for 14 percent […]