‘It’s unconstitutional slop’: GOP senator slams Donald Trump for bypassing Congress and announcing four executive orders after COVID rescue package negotiations collapsed

‘And as you know they were different there was difficulty with the $600 number, because it really was a disincentive,’ he added, referring to the fact that the $600 federal supplement put total average unemployment benefits higher than the average wages in more than 30 states. 

Charlize Theron in tears as celebrities join women marching in protest of President Donald Trump

Trump’s campaign was marked by a number of sexist comments he made about women and the release of an unforgettable video where he spoke about grabbing women ‘by the p***y’ – and it’s a theme which has been grasped on by protesters.

Trump’s contempt for advice and consent

Making a mockery of this statutory mandate, President Trump fired Michael Atkinson, IG of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, who alerted Congress to a whistleblower complaint about Trump’s Ukraine call. He got rid of Christi Grimm, Acting IG of Health and Human Services, after she issued a report documenting shortages of supplies […]

Donald Trump is greeted by huge crowd of fans as he lands in New Jersey to finish his million-dollar fundraising weekend at the beach house of his real estate developer friend Stanley Chera who died of COVID

‘We’ve cleared with the Office of Legal Counsel all these actions before they went to the president. The president knew unemployment insurance was ending. He said, let’s continue at $400. By the way, the 25 percent from the states, they can either take that out of the money we’ve already given them or the president […]

Chipper Trump plays to boisterous crowd at million-dollar fundraiser in honor of his late friend Stanley Chera – whose son reveals Trump called EVERY day when he was dying from covid

It’s unclear if the president will be able to do the suspension without Congress as the constitution gives the power to tax to that institution. Congressional Democrats and many Republicans object to any cuts in the payroll tax cut as it funds Social Security and Medicare, two of the most expensive government entitlement programs on […]

Trump’s Stimulus Orders Create Legal and Administrative Chaos

Similarly, Trump’s convoluted plan for reducing while extending the CARES Act’s supplemental unemployment insurance payments depends on immediate state government compliance, including a state “match” requirement that will astound governors and legislators from both parties who are begging Congress for hundreds of billions of dollars in new assistance to prevent a fast-approaching fiscal catastrophe. It […]

Donald Trump claims Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has agreed NOT to remove Confederate names from bases – even though both houses of Congress have passed the measure with a veto-proof majority

Pickett, raised on a plantation, resigned his Army commission a month after joining the Confederacy. Best known for the bloodbath of Pickett’s Charge which led to defeat at Gettysburg, he also ordered 22 Union soldiers executed after defeat at New Bern, North Carolina. Fled to Canada for a year after Confederate defeat fearing he would […]

Donald Trump is no Harry Truman, but a comeback is on the cards

The Treasury will be especially pleased that the data from the retail analysts Springboard showed that there was a knock-on benefit for retailers and that the demand for the scheme was stronger in smaller market towns than in bigger regional cities. With the furlough scheme being phased out, the timing could hardly have been better. […]

Trump end run around Congress raises questions on his claims

Trump also acted to defer payment of the payroll tax, a long-pushed goal that had little support from either party on Capitol Hill, and federal student loans. His order on housing is not a guarantee against eviction, as he claimed, but instead directs the departments of the Treasury and Housing and Urban Development to identify […]

Trump unemployment insurance executive order will cost states billions

Mr. Trump expressed a different view on Sunday night, following a day of state officials questioning how they could afford even $100 per person in additional weekly payments. He told reporters as he returned to Washington that states could make application to have the federal government provide all or part of the $400 payments. Decisions […]