London Trying to Strong-arm EU Into Brexit Concessions, Citing Russian Boogieman

Accordingly, the journalist wrote that London may also try to take advantage of European concerns about US security guarantees for Europe, following President Trump’s demands that European NATO members do more to pay for their own security. European officials may reason that the US is becoming an unreliable ally, while the UK is leaving the EU structure. Meanwhile, the ‘Russian threat’, which […]

Moonpig customer accounts ‘hacked’ as crooks steal hundreds of pounds worth of booze and gifts

A number of companies have been hit by data breaches in the last few months, including Virgin Media which in March warned customers to change their passwords after a breach.

Meet the 90-plus year-olds who are living their full life through lockdown

Somehow books and I never got together. I fall asleep the moment I pick up a book, then and now. I was not a good student. It was embroidery and threadwork that I was interested in. Till 11 pm, I am with my threads. No, I don’t have any problem with my fingers or eye […]

Liz Peek: These two primary results from Tuesday bookmark extremism in America

The attacks fell short, as did recurring reminders of Omar’s anti-Semitism, for which she receives a pass from the liberal media. She has made several anti-Israel remarks in the past few years, for which she has offered half-hearted apologies. She and fellow Muslim Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., are the only two representatives in Congress […]

SAG-AFTRA Health Plan Raising Premiums & Eligibility To Stay Afloat

“We recognize that any change right now is difficult and want to assure you that, in exploring all options, we have obsessed over the details, exhausted every alternative, and worked tirelessly to reduce costs within our control. We know every choice we make affects people who depend on us. While difficult, these changes are necessary […]

National Prosecco Day 2020: The best bottles of fizz for summer

Get an Echo Dot and two months of Amazon Music Unlimited for £24.97 If you like a bargain, you’re going to love this new offer from Amazon. For a limited time only non-Prime customers can get an Echo Dot smart device and two months of Amazon Music Unlimited for under £25. This is a considerable […]

Open your eyes to a virtual workout: Tai Chi on the beach, a vigorous tennis match and even a heart-stopping climb — all from the comfort of your living room

The graphics are stunning and you can transport yourself to more than 20 locations. I found myself on a sun-drenched beach. In front was a Tai Chi master leading the moves and two orbs showing me which way to move my hands. It was easy to follow and I liked the fact you could do […]

Fiat Chrysler calls GM’s bribery allegations ‘preposterous’

GM contends that bribes were paid to former United Auto Workers Presidents Dennis Williams and Ron Gettelfinger, as well as Vice President Joe Ashton. It also alleges money was paid to GM employees including Al Iacobelli, a former FCA labor negotiator who was hired and later released by GM.

Prosecutor asks 14 years for billionaire in bribery case

Prosecutors have said Lindberg conspired to funnel money to Causey in exchange for special treatment. In particular, Lindberg sought to replace or work around a senior deputy commissioner within Causey’s office whose job it was to scrutinize Lindberg’s Global Bankers Insurance Group, according to court documents.

The Ultimate Destination for Doomsday Preppers

According  to  Andrei  Tarkovsky’s  1979  film  Stalker,  adapted from Roadside Picnic and made less than a decade before the Chernobyl  explosion, the  magical  artifact  at  the  center  of The  Zone  is located in “Bunker Four.” Reactor No. 4 is now the epicenter of the sixteen-hundred-square-mile  Zone  of  Alienation,  and  at  the  center of Reactor No. […]