Coronavirus update: Date of renewal for health, motor insurance policies extended to April 21

“The policy holders whose motor vehicle third party insurance policies fall due for renewal during the period on and from the 25th March, 2020 up to the 14th April, 2020 and who are unable to make payment of their renewal premium on time in view of the prevailing situation in the country as a result […]

In about-turn, Catalonia seeks Spanish military help for coronavirus

However, Alba Verges, a senior health official in the northeastern region, told Catalunya Radio that assistance from military health personnel would now be welcome. “We need hands. Hands also means that if (the military) has doctors and nurses that they make them available to us,” she said.

Recovering from COVID-19, Kalie Shorr Defends Her Health Habits: ‘I Was Being Really Diligent About It’

Shorr was impressed with the care during the entire process, which took just 45 minutes, but she has no fond memories of the test itself. The swab, she says, was painful to her irritated sinuses and caused a bloody nose. “I’m not trying to discourage anybody from getting tested,” she says, “but I’m also saying […]

Coronavirus SA: Rumour Adelaide ice rink was turned into morgue is a lie

Similar rumours surrounding Adelaide’s only ice rink, the Thebarton IceArenA, previously called Mt Thebarton, have been circulating on Facebook and Reddit since March 27, with posts claiming the rink has received 500 or more body bags in preparation to be turned into a makeshift morgue.

Pandemic impacting young people’s mental health

Emma Thomas, chief executive of YoungMinds, said: “The coronavirus pandemic is a human tragedy that will continue to alter the lives of everyone in our society, and the results of this survey show just how big an impact this has had, and will continue to have, on the mental health of young people.”

Trump Administration Has Turned Immigration Court Into ‘Public Health Hazard’

“These are not trivial issues,” said León Rodríguez, who ran USCIS during the Obama administration. “They’re not bureaucratic issues. These issues have a lot to do with what a person’s future is, their ability to do business, so people are doing what they need to do. They’re being careful. But right now, people are going […]

Qantas flight ‘turned around mid-air’ amid virus cluster in Adelaide

While Dr Spurrier said the original coronavirus case among the baggage handlers had not been found yet, she said Qantas had undertaken all the required sanitisation of affected areas and the more than 100 workers who used the areas were in quarantine.

How two funerals helped turn one small Georgia city into a hotspot for coronavirus

“Although we have been identified as a common factor in the tracking of the Covid-19 in Albany, know that we are operating within all regulatory safety or health guidelines,” the funeral home directors wrote in a Facebook post. “We know that there is growing concern across the city. We are taking extra precautions to protect […]

Sweden bans gatherings of more than 50 people and threatens people with six-month jail terms as it continues to U-turn over its relaxed coronavirus policies

‘We cannot allow the human desperation in Wuhan and Bergamo to be repeated in Sweden. That would be a gamble that violates society’s most fundamental principle: that every person has an inherent value,’ the editor-in-chief of Sweden’s biggest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, wrote on Sunday, calling for either tougher measures or more widespread coronavirus testing. 

Chinese COVID-19 experts share public health protocols with US doctors

“Countries have a responsibility to show up, step up and gear up. We can slow down transmission, prevent infection, and save lives through our personal, national and international efforts,” he said. “People of all countries should join forces to strengthen our global response against COVID-19 and work together to build a shared future for mankind.”