Trump Does Not See NFL Players Kneeling ‘Through A Racial Lens’ Claims White House Legislative Chief

“The president is not looking at this through a racial lens,” he added, after he was questioned over the issue of race, which has been highlighted in recent weeks over the Charlottesville violence and the president’s much-criticized response to what happened.

Bubba Wallace’s mom told him not to respond to Trump’s noose apology demand because ‘you can’t fix stupid’ after 17 years of urging him to ignore racial slurs on the track and critics who see him as ‘a black driver, period’

‘The brewing cultural war within NASCAR for equality has just erupted and the sport’s efforts to separate from its past just got tougher,’ Poston said. ‘The president’s comments are essentially a rallying call for people who support the Confederate flag to challenge the sport’s recent flag ban and create chaos.’

Lewis Hamilton evokes Breonna Taylor at Grand Prix win

The Black Lives Matter protests haven’t been limited to just North America. Here, professional soccer players from Aston Villa and Sheffield United take a knee as their match kicked off in Birmingham, England, on June 17. Premier League teams sported the words “Black Lives Matter” on the back of their jerseys when their seasons resumed.