The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by the Air Line Pilots Association – Biden VP possible next week; Meadows says relief talks ‘miles apart’

HBO’s “The Swamp,” a documentary about Washington insiders, partisan politics and Congress, airs Tuesday from 9 to 11 p.m. ET (trailer HERE). Directed by filmmakers Daniel DiMauro and Morgan Pehme, “The Swamp” probes national politics in the now alien-looking pre-pandemic Capitol Hill period during Trump’s impeachment last year. The film  features GOP Reps. Matt GaetzMatthew […]

POST COVID-19- PIND canvases innovative approaches to skills development, economic recovery

“As a matter of fact, the region has recorded some of the highest rates of unemployment in the country and in 2018 for example, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Akwa Ibom State reported the highest rate of unemployment,” the PIND Foundation Executive Director said.

Creators On Finding a New Generation of Fans and Giving George Clooney One of His Earliest Jobs

You had a lot of notable cameos throughout the show, including Burt Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Bob Hope, Dick Van Dyke, and Leslie Nielsen. But my favorite is when Quentin Tarantino pops in as an Elvis Presley impersonator in the 1988 episode “Sophia’s Wedding.” When did you realize that he’d been on the show? He hadn’t […]

Edinburgh sky to be lit up for launch of international festival

These events, which involved about 500 artists, producers and technical staff, ensured the festival remained productive despite the cancellation of live, public events. Linehan said making the films was “the festival equivalent of playing football behind closed doors, trying to do festival programming in every sense, except for having the audience there.

Emeritus Pope Benedict’s brother Georg Ratzinger dies at 96

Born Jan. 15, 1924 in the Bavarian town of Altoetting, Georg Ratzinger showed an early talent for music, playing the church organ at age 11. The family eventually settled outside nearby Traunstein in 1937, where he and his brother joined the seminary. During World War II, Ratzinger told The Associated Press in an interview that […]

Vietnam an invaluable member of ASEAN: Filipino diplomat

Vietnam’s leadership to manoeuvre ASEAN through this global crisis has been much appreciated as it entails leading discussions on, among others, the strengthening of existing mechanisms and the creation of new ones. Its remarkable success in containing the pandemic has served as a model not only in ASEAN but throughout the whole world. Our concerted […]

Kind-hearted schoolgirl helps unfortunate children

Not only donating gifts, Nghi could spend the whole day helping nuns in a church in HCM City’s Thủ Đức District to fold clothes or sell lunches to raise funds.

Thurston Moore, Mark Lanegan, Real Estate to Cover Galaxie 500 for Video Series

“Earlier this year, a concert of covers of Galaxie 500 songs was planned at Rough Trade Brooklyn, to coincide with the Copenhagen vinyl release on April 18 Record Store Day,” 20-20-20 said of the project. “The event, unfortunately, didn’t happen due to the pandemic, but some of the performers are recording home videos which we’re […]

Lockdown FINALLY BROKE our habits of a lifetime: From relying on a cleaner, to flying off on holiday and always planning ahead

Before Covid, we thought little about frivolously spending £30 to hop off to Europe, where the reward for being shot across the stratosphere in a tin can was some great art, a nice ice-cream and the hollowing out of another beautiful city with Airbnb rentals. Now that we are told the true price might be […]

Inside the life of Pablo Escobar’s first-born son who was brought up by an MI6 spy working to infiltrate the cartels

Phillip says: “It was only when I was 24 that Pat told me the true story. By 1989, Escobar was losing his grip on his drug empire and ­retaliated the only way he knew how — by exacting more bloody revenge.