How to Talk About Stress Amid COVID-19 Anxiety

In today’s world of increased anxiety, stress, and panic due to the spread of COVID-19, it’s become increasingly harder to provide support to your loved ones. This is a tough time for everyone across the world, and it’s important to be there for your family and friends. Still, communicating in stressful situations can be difficult. […]

Best Microsoft Office alternatives of 2020: Free, paid, online mobile office suites

Zoho Office is another office suite worth considering as an alternative to Microsoft Office. Although it gets less press, Zoho Office is a pretty competent software suite, and includes word processing as Zoho Writer, spreadsheets as Zoho Sheets, and presentations through Zoho Show. All of the applications are run online through the cloud, and there are […]

Profiles of those who died in huge warehouse fire in Oakland

After the fire, friends from near and far — from high school in Utah; from Evergreen State College in Washington, where he graduated with a degree in French and Russian literature in 2008; from the semester he studied in Paris; from the music scene in Olympia, Wash., where he lived before moving to the Bay […]

How to create a new blueprint for inclusion in a COVID-19 world

We must not miss our privilege to unlearn stale patterns and confront limited narratives in these uncertain times. Diversity and inclusion programs have an unprecedented opportunity to champion a “we” agenda and serve the reunion of humanity. If we do not act out of intention, we may compromise the future. She demands our attention over […]

Shona People: History & Culture

Kazembe’s studies revealed that traditional Shona religion is very complex and is often misunderstood by Westerners. While the Shona believe that they can communicate with the spirits of their ancestors, they do not worship them but ask their dead ancestors to convey petitions to Mwari on their behalf. “People consider themselves as so low as […]

What Would Le Carré’s Master Spy Think of Trump and Russia?

I am uncomfortable with the idea of spies for hire. It used to be that one did one’s service and then retired gracefully, tending a garden, collecting etchings, that sort of thing, although, of course I have been called from retirement by the service. Some skeletons remained. But in principle if you are hired your […]

Masha Gessen: A Russian’s Perspective on Trump’s Autocratic Impulses

In America, we define ourselves so much by being a democracy. How do you wrap your brain around why people voted for Trump, when he’s somebody that complimented the likes of Putin and Erdogan and Duterte, is hostile toward the press and hostile toward the rule of law?I think that there are many ways to tell […]

Gone Kesh trailer: Shweta Tripathi impresses as the teen struggling with Alopecia

According to the makers, Gone Kesh is about a 16-year-old middle class girl who is diagnosed with Alopecia – a condition where one’s hair starts falling – and how she deals with the disease affecting her ambitions of becoming a dancer. The film is directed by Qasim Khallow.

Partition oral history project goes online due to COVID-19

“We don’t want these memories to be lost at a time like this. So, now interviews happen via webcam and some of the paperwork requires using a courier service rather than getting it done in person. We assist the interviewee remotely, but it is limiting because there are many elders who live alone and don’t […]