COVID-19: Fake news pandemic surges on Facebook, Twitter

“Jumbling of content makes everything seem the same to us. It makes it harder for us to distinguish what we need to take seriously from that which is only entertainment,” said Pearson in the study appeared in the journal New Media & Society.

‘When you grow a proper moustache’: Mitchell McClenaghan’s hilarious reply after Twitter user asks about his retirement

McClenaghan paid tribute to Cachopa and his post read: “One of the greatest blokes I had the pleasure to share the park with and call a dear friend. So sad you are leaving. Your leadership and ability to bring a team together even in the darkest of times is second to none and will be […]

Facebook, Google and Twitter to testify in Congress over extremist content

On 17 January, the three companies are required to give evidence on the steps they are taking to combat the spread of extremist propaganda over the internet, the committee has announced, in a hearing titled “Terrorism and Social Media: Is Big Tech Doing Enough?”.

Twitter, Facebook have deleted videos of Brazil’s President, here’s why

Following a similar move by the microblogging platform Twitter, social media giant Facebook has also removed videos in which Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro challenged the isolation measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. In a statement on Monday, Facebook that it decided to delete the videos, which were also shared on Instagram, because its policy does […]

Mumbai Police Commissioner’s Twitter chat: Param Bir Singh answers queries on lockdown

Mumbai: Mumbai police commissioner Paraam Bir Singh went live on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, answering questions of citizens of the problems faced by them during the present lockdown period. The questions ranged from getting emergency medical help to travelling during the lockdown period. Some also complained of having received calls from pranksters trying to dupe […]

Twitter reacts to Trump’s new April 30 social distancing extension with #30MoreDays

Still, the possibility of spending several more weeks staying at home became more of a reality when President Donald Trump on Sunday issued new social distancing guidelines, extending the shutdown of normal life until at least April 30.

Twitter Grabs Streaming Rights for Thursday Night Football

The enormously successful NFL won’t save Twitter entirely, but shares in the company rose four percent when news of the deal broke on Wall Street. Plus, people in 185 countries around the globe will get to watch ten football games for free, thanks to the same app that lets them tweet “daddy” at the Pope and Bernie Sanders. Cool. 

One Problem With Live Football on Twitter: Can Twitter Make Sure It’s Actually Live?

The problem is that streaming video is a complex enough task in and of itself, even before you get to syncing it up with accompanying tweets. Tweets are easy to send back and forth because they’re strings of text, not video frames; Twitter can be sure that the vast majority of clients receives and loads […]

Mahesh Babu Fans VS Vijay Fans War; #RemakeStarVijay And #DummyStarMaheshBabu Trend On Twitter

Mahesh Babu and Vijay are unarguably, one of the finest actors in their respective industries. The big stars enjoy a huge fan following, even on social media. Well, looks like the fans of the actors have taken the recent telecast of Tamil movie Ghilli on Sun TV very responsively, and have turned it into a […]

Why Is ‘RIP Nipsey’ Trending and Twitter So Depressed?

Immediately after his death, a series of giant celebrities chimed in with grief and disbelief for the quick and unexpected way Hussle’s life was taken. Rihanna, Drake, Meek Mill, Jada Pinkett Smith, LeBron James and more contributed to the conversation online.