Roundabout: The endearing story of the lost girl named Love

The first time I set my eyes on the picture of the lovely Preet Nagar girl was way back in 1978 when, smitten by the love and legend of Punjabi poet, the late Shiv Batalvi, a friend and I decided to write a book on his life and times. We were visiting his wife Arun […]

Most Popular Baby Names From 2019 Released

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Social Security Administration recently released the top 10 most popular baby names of 2019, and the list isn’t much different than previous years.

The Fantasy Ending of

“When I first read it, I thought that it was beautiful, and I hope that people find it beautiful,” she says. “I hope that people sit with it and just go with it and [are not] afraid of the feelings that it provokes, because they’re not pleasant a lot of the time. But they’re very […]

Watch ‘New Girl’ Star Max Greenfield Debunk Wild Fan Theories

Drawing on the time-tested doppelganger sitcom trope, one theory posits that “to get over Nick, Jess will look for a new group of friends. She’ll end up in a new loft with a mirror version of the gang.” Greenfield likes this idea: “It’d be cool to see them cast everyone. You remember, they did that […]

‘Babe, we’re not having another kid’: Joy Anna Duggar, 22, jokes that she is done having babies while giving birth to her little girl – but pauses to put on makeup at EIGHT centimeters dilated

Pictures don’t show any food, and it doesn’t appear that Joy Anna had any sort of cake. Previously, after her sister-in-law Lauren miscarried at just five weeks, she had an entirely separate cake for ‘Big Brother Asa’ at her baby shower during her next pregnancy.  

Britain’s biggest brood gets bigger! Radford family – which has 26 members – welcomes its 27th after 18-year-old gives birth to baby girl

As for their own brood – Sue and Noel’s most recent child is Heidi, who was born in April this year, with the others being Chris, 30, Sophie, 26, Chloe, 24, Jack, 22, Daniel, 21, Luke, 19, Millie, 18, Katie, 17, James, 16, Ellie, 14, Aimee, 13, Josh, 12, Max, 11, Tillie, nine, Oscar, eight, […]

The 10 most endangered baby names for boys and girls – and one is royal!

Baby names seem to have peaks and troughs of popularity and, almost like certain styles of clothes, many monikers become fashionable once again years later. But unlike the high-waisted mom jeans which seem to remain in high demand, there are some names that won’t make a resurgence in the future.

Xiamen to offer free HPV vaccinations to girls to help prevent cervical cancer

Girls will be offered a domestically made two-valent HPV vaccine offering protection from two types of HPV, the Xiamen health commission said in a notice. All community health service centers in the city will be able to provide vaccinations based on lists of names provided by schools, where students and parents will be able to […]

These are the most popular baby names of 2019, according to Social Security Administration

Liam and Olivia came out on top as the most popular male and female names, respectively. Nearby, however, has been the reigning champion Emma, who took the top spot as the most popular name of the decade for girls. Noah was the second most popular name of 2019 of boys, but also No. 1 for […]

EXCLUSIVE ‘She loved it and we have gone with it’: Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson have already agreed on a name for their baby

‘The only time we were really anxious was when there was a possibility that the hospitals wouldn’t allow a partner in if you were giving birth. That would have been devastating, but very thankful that has been lifted and we can experience this miracle together. We are so grateful for that.’