John Bolton Rips WHO As China’s ‘Accomplice,’ Calls On Director-General To Resign

“The world’s leading global health organization cannot be used as a tool of the CCP, and the U.S. — the WHO’s largest financial contributor, giving five times as much money as obligated — must take steps to ensure it does,” Rubio wrote.

‘Drunk guy’ memes on social media are a window into pets’ hilarious antics

With bars closed and the occasional noticeably drunk patrons absent, pet owners showed off a less obnoxious version of the archetype: their beloved animals, who often engage in behaviors not unlike their intoxicated human counterparts.

Houstonians display homemade palms on their doors in celebration of Palm Sunday

Many saw the day as an opportunity to social distance with family. “Mom and dad made these beautiful palm wreaths for Palm Sunday and Easter,” said Debbie Longoria-Cruz as she shared how her parents had dropped them off.

Seniors face risks from coronavirus, but also from loss of their basic rights

People now receiving Social Security retirement and disability benefits will be getting the same one-time $1,200 stimulus payments that are being sent to most adults, subject to the same income limitations ($75,000 in adjusted gross income for single filers and $150,000 for joint filers).

Ted Cruz: Mainstream Media Are ‘Rooting for This Pandemic to Be Worse and Worse’

“[Y]ou see the media — much of the mainstream media was trying to root for disaster,” Cruz said. “They’re rooting for this pandemic to be worse and worse. And you saw The Washington Post self-proclaimed fact-checker was cheering about a line from the State of the Union where the President said we had the lowest […]

Gordon Chang: ‘There Needs to Be a Nuremberg Trial for Chinese Leaders’ over Coronavirus

“Just look at what Beijing has done,” Chang said. “When this is over, if the modeling of the Coronavirus Task Force is correct, we’re going to lose 100,000 Americans. And that’s just an unacceptable cost. You can’t put a money value on that.

Small-Business Loan Program Crashed in the First Week It Was Up

In his Friday the 13th coronavirus press conference in which the president shook the hands of several guest CEOs, President Trump announced that his administration would soon create a website to help Americans throughout the country access COVID-19 tests; designed by Google, it would be “unlike websites of the past.” Despite the apparent dig at […]

Another Poll Shows Close Race for House Control

This is not to mention the major built-in disadvantages Democrats face. Because of GOP-led gerrymandering over the last decade, the party will need a spectacular popular-vote victory to match a performance like 2006, when they won 31 seats to take back Congress in a repudiation of a different unpopular president.

Peter Strzok, FBI Agent in Texting Scandal, Will Testify Before Congress

Strzok and Page said he meant Trump wouldn’t be elected, and noted that they did not do anything to hurt Trump’s odds, like leaking the existence of the Russia probe before the election. Goelman told the Washington Post on Sunday that there’s “no question” that Strzok regrets sending the messages, but that “I think what […]

Women Winning About Half of Major Democratic Primaries So Far This Year

Other Republican women are far from a guaranteed loss — but they all represent districts that could be swept up in a blue wave. A June poll found Utah Rep. Mia Love in a tight race with her Democratic challenger, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the only Republican woman in House […]