EU exec proposes shorter work hours to prevent layoffs amid epidemic

The next long-term EU budget, which member states have yet to agree on, starts in 2021 and runs until 2027. The commission is working on a coronavirus update of an earlier draft, which would be worth just above 1% of the bloc’s Gross National Income, or some 1 trillion euros ($1.09 trillion).

Coronavirus: EU internal borders could stay shut

Coronavirus: The consequences for tourism Travel warnings and border controls The Czech Republic (picture) and Poland are carrying out checks at the border with Germany to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. Since Monday (March 9), travelers have faced random temperature checks. The German government has warned against travelling to risk areas. And air […]

Brexit: Spending on UK’s final European elections revealed

Tears and relief as the UK’s MEPs bid goodbye Brexit Party dominates in EU elections The poll saw the Brexit Party and the anti-Brexit Lib Dems gain at the expense of the Conservatives and Labour.

EU to step up coronavirus help for Africa

But with EU budgets already nearing their limits and national governments focused on fighting the epidemic at home, it remains to be seen how much spare capacity is available for Africa.

EU worried about recent political developments in Zimbabwe: memo

But, like Mugabe, he blames sanctions for the country’s economic ills and says they are designed to remove the ruling ZANU-PF party from power. Critics also say that since Mnangagwa came to power, he has cracked down on opposition parties.

Britain hands in Brexit file as British EU lawmakers say “au revoir”

BRUSSELS, Jan 29 (Reuters) – Britain’s ambassador to the European Union passed documents formalising Brexit to a senior EU official on Wednesday, hours before European lawmakers are due to sign off on a deal that will see Britain finally quit the bloc on Friday.

EU Commission apologises to Italy over coronavirus response, deaths push higher

“I believe that everyone will eventually realise even in those countries that a shared, orderly, strong and rapid European response is the only solution,” he told Spain’s La Sexta television. “A slow response would be a useless response.”

Commission: Mass Third World Migration Central to EU Values, Refusing Quotas ‘Unacceptable’

On Wednesday, the supposedly ‘centre-right’ figure gave a speech outlining the European Commission’s commitment to creating legal channels to enable mass migration from the third world, and gave special thanks to senior Labour MEP Claude Moraes — an open borders campaigner listed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations as a “reliable ally” to the financier on a […]

Kentucky lawmakers pass a scaled-back budget amid pandemic

The budget headed to Beshear’s desk maintains the current level of per-pupil funding under SEEK, the state’s main funding formula for K-12 schools. The governor proposed increased SEEK funding, as did the versions passed by the House and Senate.

Barnier’s environmental and labour demands are a sham – Britain should stop trying to negotiate with the EU

Heroic anti-Mafia judges such as my late friend Ferdinando Imposimato tried to resist. He had 24/7 police protection so they assassinated his brother instead as an easier target. Ferdinando was forced into exile. His memoir was released in France because no Italian publisher dared to touch it. Un Juge En Italie is one of the […]