Iranian Revolution at 40: Britain’s Secret Support for Khomeini Revealed

While there’s no documentation directly indicating the British decided to back Khomeini as a leader-in-waiting — although it was certainly considered — the BBC Persian Service had for some time by that point been backing the still-exiled Ayatollah. Owen refers to this coverage — which was so pro-Khomeini some dubbed the station ‘Ayatollah BBC’ as “a form of insurance with the internal opposition”. Its support […]

MIC’s Josh ‘JP’ Patterson running for 24 straight hours around his 14ft London patio with NO break (and with a BUCKET for a toilet!) to fund-raise for charity after being affected by suicide

Josh said: ’18 people take their life a day. This challenge will be to honour Ben, and all those struggling around the UK. ‘I have come from depression so severe that I wanted it to end, and I wanted my life to end with it. I am so grateful every day that I chose not […]

Beirut counts the human cost: 300,000 people are left homeless with 50% of buildings damaged as death toll from fertilizer explosion nears 150 with thousands more injured

Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamacek says Lebanon has accepted an offer to send a team of 37 rescuers with sniffer dogs to Beirut. Denmark says it is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to Lebanon, and Greece says it is ready to help Lebanese authorities ‘with all means at its disposal.’