Brexit would negatively affect lives of millions, official UK report says

The London mayor writes: “It is the European court of justice, with its vast new remit over the charter of fundamental rights, that is making it harder month by month for the security services to get on with their job – whether it be expelling murderers or monitoring terrorist suspects. It is the border-free Europe, […]

UK: Anti-Brexit ‘Centrist’ Replaces Far-Left Corbyn as Labour Leader

Ministers have been on the back foot in recent days, however, over the lack of testing for coronavirus and the protection equipment for healthcare staff.

Sunak’s virus bailout ‘not enough’ as the flood keeps coming

Bus industry executives lobbied the government after ministers advised people against all non-essential travel, and passenger numbers “fell off a cliff”. A £167m fund will ensure that bus companies can cover their costs on essential services so that key employees, such as NHS staff, can get to work. The funding, which adds to an existing […]

Flybe stewardess breaks down in tears after airline ‘made her & colleagues redundant via email’ as collapse sparks chaos

She had flown to the West Midlands for her PHD interview at University of Warwick last night – but received a text message just this morning telling her that the return flight would no longer be going ahead.

US accused of seizing face mask shipments bound for Europe, Canada

Coronavirus: Timeline of the global spread of COVID-19 More than a million On April 2nd the Johns Hopkins University announced on Thursday that there were more than a million confirmed coronavirus cases around the world. The US is the most affected with three times the number than China, where the virus emerged in December. Over […]

‘Great Game’ in Sahel: Europe Forms New Task Force, US Eyes Drawdown, Terrorists Team Up

“There are not only security issues that raise concerns. There is a very severe economic and humanitarian situation. The Sahel countries are some of the poorest countries in the world … So, there is a need to strengthen security and to increase the living standards of the population at the same time. Development and security […]

‘I will tear out this poison by its roots’: New Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says SORRY to Jews for ‘stain’ of anti-Semitism in the party in final swipe at Jeremy Corbyn as he wins leadership vote with 56.2 per cent landslide over rivals

She recorded the message at Windsor Castle, where she is living in isolation with her 98-year-old husband Philip, as the UK announced 684 more Covid-19 fatalities, hiking the death toll to 3,605 – surpassing that reported by China – and more than 38,000 cases.

What does Keir Starmer stand for? New Labour leader’s policies and political views

Nationalisation Nationalisation of the railways – but other services could go public through co-operatives etc, not top-down nationalisation

Using the virus to bash Beijing could trigger a new cold war

Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, says the virus has produced a “global battle of narratives”. China portrays itself as a reliable, disease-conquering partner for Europe and the wider world, in contrast to an untrustworthy US. Trump administration hawks and allies cast China, meanwhile, in the Soviet Union’s old role of contagious “evil empire”. […]