Zori Makama: Nigerian designer’s works exhibited at the 2019 Arab Fashion Week

Now that you know why she got our attention, I’ll let you in on some good news. We reached out and asked if she would mind granting us an interview and she was kind to accept. So stick around for the next issue. We encourage you to comment with questions you’d like her to answer […]

Meghan Markle’s under the radar role at Robin Thicke’s wedding to earn extra cash

Meghan has also designed clothing for brand Reitmans by helping them to create a range of four dresses each costing under $100 (£76) each and a collection of pieces suitable for work.

The story of Marine Serre’s crescent-moon catsuit

The 27-year-old French fashion designer Serre – who got the Karl Lagerfeld seal of approval when he described her in one of his final interviews as having “a will of steel” – made the upside down crescent the logo of her eponymous label when it launched 2017 after she won the LVMH prize (fashion’s version […]

Wedding dress trends and top tips by bridal designer Charlotte Balbier

Do you ever find it difficult doing business within your family? “Yes. I think that what can be difficult is that you can say things to each other that you wouldn’t say to other colleagues. It’s easy to forget sometimes in the heat of the moment that you’re at work. It’s very emotionally charged because […]

‘100 per cent accurate’ antibody tests to tell millions of Britons if they have ALREADY had coronavirus ‘will be available in TWO WEEKS’ – as Boris Johnson plans primetime broadcast to unveil the nation’s route back to school and work

Professor Hunter added: ‘There is something to be said about areas of the countryside not having as intense a lockdown. From that perspective there are technically a number of areas where the spread is not very high, and have not been impacted as severely as the main urban centres. But the problem with that is […]

Victoria Beckham set to ‘flog sex toys’ and follow in Gwyneth Paltrow’s footsteps

The former pop star also sparked fury earlier this year when she refused to dip into her estimated family fortune of £350 million to pay staff during  coronavirus  lockdown, instead opting to apply for taxpayer money through the UK Government furlough scheme.