Toxic pesticides banned for EU use exported from UK

“Japanese authorities approve the licensed import to ensure that they have all relevant details for the product relating to its safety, use and regulation,” the spokesperson said. “It is important to note that the product is still used within the EU in countries such as France, Spain and Italy where there is infestation of crops, […]

Covid-19: UK introduces new island policy for travellers from Greece as cases rise

The travel advice to the two most visited countries, Spain and France, changed at short notice, prompting many travelers to return to the UK in the middle of their vacations in order to avoid mandatory quarantines. Spain’s Balearic and Canary Islands remain on the UK government’s quarantine list.

UK’s coronavirus death toll jumps by 181 to 759 in Britain’s darkest day of the crisis yet as almost 3,000 more patients are diagnosed as Government promises to start testing hundreds of frontline NHS staff this weekend

‘Until this new coronavirus was identified, there were only six different coronaviruses known to infect humans. Four of these cause a mild common cold-type illness, but since 2002 there has been the emergence of two new coronaviruses that can infect humans and result in more severe disease (Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East […]

Your digital privacy is under attack. Can anything be done to protect it?

“The Schrems II invalidation is the best illustration of the dangers of not living up to the legal obligations that states have,” said Pierucci. “The entire information era, our trust in the internet and new technologies may erode even more, with possibly fragmentations of the system in the end.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says UK has seen ‘first credible’ cases of people being REINFECTED with coronavirus – but none have shown symptoms

‘We have additional NHS, Lighthouse, University and Partner Labs all due to open up imminently and we are also expanding the use of non-laboratory based tests. The testing team work on this 18 hours a day, seven days a week. We recognise the country is depending on us.’

Donald Trump BANS visitors from Europe from entering the US for 30 days starting at midnight on Friday – but excludes the UK and Ireland – in effort to staunch coronavirus pandemic. But how will it slow spread of virus ALREADY inside US?

‘America is the Greatest Country in the world. We have the best scientists, doctors, nurses and health care professionals. They are amazing people who do phenomenal things every day,’ Trump wrote in another tweet. ‘Together we are putting into policy a plan to prevent, detect, treat and create a vaccine against CoronaVirus to save lives […]

UK announces 2,919 more coronavirus cases 14 deaths as England braces for tougher lockdown rules from Monday amid rising cases in young people

The government currently spends £130bn on the NHS in England each year, so the cost of the testing plan, revealed by the British Medical Journal, would almost match the amount of funding pledged to the entire health service, which in itself represents some 20 per cent of all public spending.

Disabled homeless man wins ‘no DSS’ case against estate agency

Tyler said: “I feel relieved that it’s over. It’s been a very stressful time. It is amazing to have won – not just for me but for the tens of thousands of people like me facing this discrimination. Hopefully now it’s clear that the law is on our side, things will change.”

UK’s tortuous divorce veers into new crisis

“There needs to be an agreement with our European friends by the time of the European Council on Oct 15 if it’s going to be in force by the end of the year,” he said in a statement released by 10 Downing Street on Monday ahead of the eighth round of talks this week.

Bosnia war veteran, 61, with PTSD says picking up fishing rod saved his life

It certainly proved to be the case for Steve. “There’s more to fishing than catching fish. That night I felt a lot better. You can’t be cured of PTSD, but you learn to manage it, fishing has been fantastic therapy. It saved my life.”