Axel Scheffler: the Gruffalo wouldn’t exist without UK in EU

“Culturally, we feel part, not just of the world of Anglophone children’s books, which we share with the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in the world, but with a European tradition that sees Babar, Tintin, the Moomins and Pippi Longstocking as part of a shared children’s book heritage that influences and shapes our […]

Brexit would negatively affect lives of millions, official UK report says

The 10 years cited in the report includes the time it would take for Britain to exit the EU, to set up a new trade and related agreements as well as negotiate fresh trade deals with the US and other countries. The document says they would only be completed at the end of a three-stageprocess […]

Labour MPs, remove Corbyn now. Change UK failed to transform politics – it’s your turn

Only two things have changed: his grip on the machinery of the party (insurmountably tighter) and his proximity to Downing Street (undeniably closer). The final foxhole that the moderate Labour MP will sink themselves into is “he’s unelectable, so it doesn’t matter”. Even if this were the case, it should matter. But I think that […]

Google joins UK researchers to track coronavirus cases

The work being done in the U.K. not only offers an insight into current movement patterns but also enables the researchers to try and predict future scenarios. “We’re looking at what happens if all countries coordinate lock downs” or end their lock downs at different times, said Andy Tatem, director of the University of Southampton’s […]

UK: Anti-Brexit ‘Centrist’ Replaces Far-Left Corbyn as Labour Leader

Ministers have been on the back foot in recent days, however, over the lack of testing for coronavirus and the protection equipment for healthcare staff.

Labour leadership winner: Sir Keir Starmer

But Sir Keir rejoined the shadow cabinet later that year – this time as shadow Brexit secretary – and arguments around leaving the EU occupied his time in Parliament.

Starmer’s in-tray: Five challenges facing new Labour leader

And with social distancing measures in place, the usual media blitz for a new leader will be severely curtailed. He may even end up being the first opposition leader to make his Prime Minister’s Questions debut via video link from home. He should have plenty of time to think about the next item in his […]

EU covid-19 hospitals could run out of intensive care drugs in DAYS as world faces ’10million infections’

Spain has seen its death toll for coronavirus nearing 11,000 – more than half of those during the past seven days and more infections than any other country in Europe.

Cororonavirus: UK Minister slammed for broken ventilator promise

The engineering firm run by Sir James Dyson, the billionaire inventor best known for his vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, developed a new prototype in a mere 10 days, which his company plans to build at the company’s laboratory in a former wartime Royal Air Force base.

The Tories’ call to ‘protect the NHS’ is a disgraceful hypocrisy

The slogan has made staying at home purely about self-interest rather than solidarity and our common humanity. But we are bigger and better than that. However much we love the NHS, however much we want to protect the NHS, we are staying at home to save lives – not to safeguard our national assets. If […]