Coronavirus UK death stats show where you are most likely to die and who is most at risk

Is the overall death rate in Englan and Wales higher than it was in previous years? The latest information available shows that in week 12 – which ended on March 20 – the number of deaths was slightly higher than average for previous years.

Coronavirus: What is the delay phase, and what does it mean for the UK?

The government’s official plan says: “Delaying the spread of the disease requires all of us to follow the advice set out below. The benefits of doing so are that if the peak of the outbreak can be delayed until the warmer months, we can reduce significantly the risk of overlapping with seasonal flu and other […]

NHS nurse stranded in Asia desperate to fly home to UK to help fight coronavirus

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We recognise British tourists abroad are finding it difficult to return to the UK because of  the unprecedented international travel and domestic restrictions that  are being introduced  around the world – often with very little or no notice.

UK neighbours rally to mark birthdays of young and old in isolation

A friend suggested a group singalong, and it was soon organised via the street WhatsApp group. “Everyone universally responded with”: ‘Yep, that’s great, let’s do that.’ And a few people dropped off cards, which was lovely.”

UK firm won’t pay higher sick pay as Covid-19 ‘less severe than flu’

“The email referred to does not reflect Amey’s official position on Covid-19,” they said. “We are resolutely committed to the safety of our employees and the communities we serve, and we can confirm we provide contractual sick pay from day one for any Covid-19 related illness. We are working closely with our clients and mobilising […]

Coronavirus: UK labs ‘can process tens of thousands more tests’

“We must go to mass testing and when we remove the lockdown – all the Asian states it was six to eight weeks, even in Wuhan – then we will have a control mechanism which will enable us to wait, without socially distancing the whole country, for drugs or a vaccine for herd immunity.”

Rise in depression and anxiety day after UK lockdown announced – study

Researchers found that on Tuesday 24 March, the day after the prime minister ordered people in Britain to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, 38% of study participants reported significant depression and 36% reported significant anxiety. This compared with 16% reporting significant depression and 17% reporting significant anxiety the day before the announcement.

Coronavirus: key questions over UK government’s handling of crisis

Personal protective equipment 1) Given the first cases of coronavirus in Britain emerged on 30 January, why has the NHS in recent weeks had such limited stocks of vital PPE such as FFP3 masks, visor/goggles and surgical gowns?

UK coronavirus death toll reaches 1,789 amid data reporting concerns

He added: “There will be days when the figures are comparatively low, but there will also be days when we see distressingly large increases. It’s therefore important to look at trends over a number of consecutive days, rather than draw conclusions from any single day’s figures.”

How will the UK’s £75m coronavirus repatriation work?

What if my flight has been cancelled and I can’t get through to the airline? Many travellers in Asian or Australasian destinations have complained that when Emirates grounded all its planes last Wednesday, they were left stranded and they could not get through to the airline. Again, the government, has pushed the responsibility on to […]