COVID-19 | How China’s vaccine hunt will further impact India’s Northeast

A research conducted by senior journalist Mrinal Talukdar on rhino poaching in Assam revealed that the item is smuggled out though a long and meandering track to the markets in China’s south western province of Yunnan. A kingpin named Lampu at Koale (or Chikha) across the border in Myanmar receives the consignment after payment of a reasonable amount […]

The little ships sailing to the rescue: Prestigious Oxford University department famed for helping to create penicillin, the world-leading Francis Crick Institute and a private lab in Oxfordshire claim they could carry out thousands of tests a day

‘Tests will allow us to know who has antibodies and is immune/non contagious, but we don’t yet know how long those anti bodies will last for. The best we can hope for is that it will allow workers to get back to work if they know they have had it and have antibodies to protect them.’

Health Secretary is savaged over his promise of 100,000 coronavirus tests by the end of the month as he admits government still hasn’t got ANY reliable antibody kits that are crucial to getting Britain back to work and normal life

Swab tests at PHE labs will be increased dramatically to 25,000 a day; research institutions and private sector firms like Boots and Amazon will be brought into the screening system; antibody tests will be introduced if they can be proved effective; community testing will be bolstered; and the overall UK diagnostics industry will be enlarged.  […]


According to the Department of Industry and Trade, the city’s export revenue in the first two months was USD218.3m, a slight increase of 3% on last year. Border closure and stricter flying measures have caused difficulties. Moreover, firms can hardly import materials from China. The amount of material imported via air, dropped by 50-60%, sea […]

Super-rich Reuben brothers David and Simon own property worth £18bn, a £54m yacht and are part of Newcastle takeover

Their private life’s are just that – David’s wife is Debra, an American designer. Simon is married to Joyce Reuben, and they are sometimes seen at high-society functions, mingling with socialites and hanging out with celeb pals including Joan Collins.

British Airways scraps its dividend and furloughs over 30,000 staff on 80 per cent pay in desperate bid to survive the worst crisis in its history

In his statement earlier this week he said journalists who asked whether he would hand his dividend back were ‘naïve/malicious’, adding: ‘I am perplexed as to how that would work?’, adding: ‘To be used how? To pay that money straight over to Airbus? And what is the consideration for such a gift? Or is it […]

Zoom ‘unsuitable’ for government secrets, researchers say

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre issued a statement saying: “Zoom is being used to enable unclassified crisis COVID-19 communications in the current unprecedented circumstances. Assured services are in place for more sensitive communications and the provision of these services is being widened given the demands of much greater remote working.”