Coronavirus: School closures and travel curbs in UK plans

Boris Johnson’s government is certainly no longer in the position of surveying the new political landscape and wondering which of its priorities it can choose to deal with first. Instead, it faces an immediate and highly complicated question it needs to answer.

UK Warns Against ‘Damaging Protectionism’ After US Accused of ‘Hijacking’ Masks Meant for Europe

“300 ventilators were delivered from China, with many more to come. On Friday, a shipment of millions of gowns, facemasks, eye protection, sanitiser, and gloves arrived”, said the First Secretary of State. As he reported on the government’s efforts to return as many British travellers as possible amidst closing airports and local authorities restricting movement, […]

Ed Miliband to attack coalition over ‘cost of living crisis’ in UK

Tuesday’s inflation figures showed that the broader retail price index (RPI), the measure of inflation used to set some rail fares, was 3.1% in July, down from 3.3% a month earlier. This means some rail passengers now faces rises of more than 4% in the cost of a ticket in the new year.

Rallying words of our constant Queen bring a touch of wartime resolve in the UK’s hours of need

With families across Britain and the Commonwealth cooped up indoors as Easter approaches, fearful of an invisible killer that has already infected a million around the world, her speech will be the self-isolating sovereign’s chance to be alongside her subjects in their hour of need.

UK death rate of coronavirus patients in intensive care tops 50 per cent, study finds

A study found that more than half of the sample of intensive care patients died due to the killer bug while the other 50 per cent were discharged. Pictured: An paramedic outside St Thomas’ Hospital in London

A message for politicians: trust us, and maybe we’ll trust you too

In the late 1990s, I witnessed how local branches purported to want new voices – until those voices challenged the status quo. One incident stood out in Southwark. The local Liberal Democrat group invited me to speak. About 40 members were there: black, white, Asian, young and old. They were brilliant. Passionate about their area, […]

UK moves to trace tax-avoiding overseas shell firm owners

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May, who had favored a hands-off approach to disclosure, was forced to acknowledge that her minority government would not be able to block the amendment in the House of Commons, especially with even many of her Conservative Party’s own MPs also supporting it. Indeed, several Tories, who rule backed by […]

Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer Snapped Breaking Lockdown, Visiting Second Home

​The images emerged amid continuing urging from the CMO and other leading medical professionals and politicians to stay at home in order to protect lives and the NHS. In March, the Scottish government issued a travel warning criticising the “irresponsible behaviour” of those with second homes and camper vans travelling to the Highlands in an effort to […]

Scotland, UK: Latest updates on Coronavirus

The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has asked for citizens to comply with the current lockdown in force across Britain. In a statement to her fellow Members of Scottish Parliament, she said: “[the country’s] current modeling of the spread of the virus — which I must stress assumes continued high compliance with the lockdown measures […]

Trust is essential in these times. But Boris Johnson is not a man to be trusted

In fairness, this is a crisis challenging governments everywhere. However, the prerequisite for navigating a path through it is a singleminded team that wants to use the state to secure the public good. Johnson’s double problem is that on top of the corrosive lack of trust he engenders, he and the bulk of his cabinet […]