Theresa May: EU must respect UK in Brexit talks

European press sympathy for Mrs May Court to rule on whether UK can halt Brexit Pound falls after Brexit statement Mixed Northern Ireland response to statement Speaking afterwards, Mr Tusk said that while there were some “positive elements” in Mrs May’s proposals, EU leaders had agreed that “the suggested framework for economic co-operation will not […]

Donald Tusk: Theresa May’s Brexit trade plan won’t work

Katya Adler: What just happened in Salzburg? EU must ‘evolve’ Irish plans, insists May Sturgeon calls for Brexit to be delayed Brexit: All you need to know Europe’s press fear a hard Brexit The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, and both sides are trying to reach a deal in […]

Brexit: Defiant words from PM may not be enough

After her embarrassment yesterday at the hands of EU leaders, with restive backbenchers at her back, Theresa May was never going to use this highly unusual appearance in Downing Street and dramatically reverse out of her position.

Brexit: What’s behind Donald Tusk’s Instagram diplomacy?

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John Major attacks government over approach to Brexit

“There is a choice to be made, a price to be paid,” he said. “We cannot move to a radical enterprise economy without moving away from a welfare state. Such a direction of policy, once understood by the public, would never command support. It would make all previous rows over social policy seem a minor […]

Coronavirus: Stock markets pick up despite steady flow of grim corporate updates

More from Business Coronavirus: Poverty warning as ‘young and low-paid worst hit’ by lockdown Coronavirus: Steeper fall in new car sales than during financial crash Tory grandees warn over Chinese move on chipmaker Imagination Coronavirus: Double trouble for easyJet as Stelios wages war on CFO Blow for Barnett as Invesco sacked by trust after value […]

Sue Communist China for Coronavirus Pandemic, Says British Think Tank

Overall, the think tank’s report found that China “failed to disclose data that would have revealed evidence of human-to-human transmission for a period of up to three weeks from being aware of it”; provided the WHO with “erroneous information” on the number of infections between January 2nd and 11th; and allowed five million people to leave […]

Shadow NI Secretary Tony Lloyd rejects new referendum

Labour ‘would back members’ on Brexit vote May demands respect from EU in Brexit talks He also said leaving without an agreement would be “disastrous and dangerous for Northern Ireland” and would see a return to the “paraphernalia on the border we all recognise from twenty years ago”.

Coronavirus: Why Dutch lockdown may be a high-risk strategy

Prime Minister Rutte proposed an EU emergency fund to cover the immediate medical costs of the crisis, with contributions from the member states. “It would not serve as a loan or guarantee, but as a gift to those in need.”

Coronavirus latest: Merkel says no social distancing end in sight

Coronavirus: Timeline of the global spread of COVID-19 Bad ending to a cruise Also on February 3, the cruise ship Diamond Princess is quarantined off Yokohama in Japan after cases of the new coronavirus were found on board. As of February 17, the number of people infected has grown to more than 450, the largest […]