Clashes over Tory plan to seed the UK’s next Apple with state aid

However, like most of the UK’s export-focused industries, tech firms want unfettered access to European markets and foreign expertise as much as they want government backing. That means Brexit and a bureaucratic visa system are as much a barrier to a healthy tech industry as the absence of a UK Arpa.

Bombshell MPs’ report accuses Russia of trying to interfere in Scottish referendum, demands probe into whether it tried to rig Brexit vote and says Britain is failing to combat Putin’s army of oligarchs, hackers, hitmen and paid British agents

The Government dismissed the call for a probe into the EU referendum. It said in its official response to the report: ‘Where new information emerges, the Government will always consider the most appropriate use of any intelligence it develops or receives, including whether it is appropriate to make this public. Given this long standing approach, […]

‘We expect some hiccups with Trump’

For example, just last fortnight the OFBJP and other community organisations demonstrated in front of the CNN Centre (CNN’s headquarters) against their controversial and deplorable documentary film, Believer, which shows Hindu dharma in poor light.

WWII photographer Robert Capa: Debunking the myth

Exclusive rolls of film: From Omaha Beach to editors in New York It wasn’t just important that the 30-year-old photographer survive the D-Day mission; he also had to meet his editorial deadline. The rolls of film had to be transported from the French coast across the English Channel to London, where they would be developed. […]

How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s are running up ‘£4m a year’ security bill: Couple face huge costs for new life … as they hire ‘ex-SAS’ guards and take on new chief of staff who worked for Melinda Gates

Fateful words. Nearly four years later, she has been offered the same choice and, it appears, leapt at the chance of fleeing over the border. Even though it meant quitting liberal Canada – under the benign administration of her friend Justin Trudeau – for life under the politician she most detests in Los Angeles.

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under new security law

In 2019 state media labelled him one of a new “Gang of Four” conspiring against Beijing. He is already facing several charges over involvement in last year’s pro-democracy protests, and he was one of 25 people charged on Friday over attending a Tiananmen Square massacre vigil in June.

Politicians around the world accuse China of ‘bullying’ and ‘intimidating’ Australia as tensions escalate after two journalists were forced out

‘What (China) appear to be admitting is that they’ve kicked out two of our journalists because ASIO investigated two of theirs who left, right? So it’s tit for tat,’ he told ABC radio on Thursday.

He’s free, but who’s to blame for Hakeem al-Araibi’s ordeal?

Through its head of communications, the AFC repeatedly refused to answer questions about or directed to Sheikh Salman, and argued with suggestions that it was not respecting human rights. Pressure increased until late January when it suddenly announced Sheikh Salman had recused himself from regional responsibilities for fear of perceptions of conflicts of interest. According […]

Margaret Atwood: ‘If you’re going to speak truth to power, make sure it’s the truth’

She’s able to talk about his death calmly because she’s convinced it was a good one. His children made it to London in time to say goodbye (he has two sons, Matt and Grae, from a previous marriage; and a daughter, Jess, with Atwood). Plus he’d had dementia for a while: “He was declining and […]